Swave Sevah Heats Up & Spits His SM3 Bars For Daylyt

Swave Sevah vs Daylyt was one of the Summer Madness 3 battles that was unfortunately cancelled due to circumstances outside of their control. Unlike JC vs John John Da Don, Swave and Daylyt’s battle was never rescheduled and most likely never would’ve seen the “light of day” (Slow It Down!). All jokes aside it was a battle that many fans were looking forward to as it was the only battle to get its own promotional trailer for SM3, and it was such a random match between two MCs that many are afraid to battle that it actually became highly anticipated.

While at the Smack/URL “Born Legacy” battle event, I, VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, suggested to Swave that he come to our office and spit his bars in front of our cameras so his and Daylyt’s fans could at least get a chance to see what they missed out on. Swave agreed and put on a show as he spit his battle bars for Daylyt as if Day was standing right in front of him the whole time. Summer Madness 3 was a while ago so Swave didn’t have his entire third round locked in his memory, but the bars he did spit, along with the performance swag that Swave always brings to his battles, was certainly material that would’ve produced an instant classic on the Summer Madness 3 stage or on any other platform.

I’ve spoken to Daylyt since filming Swave’s bars, and he stated that he too will be releasing his bars for the fans to enjoy, so look out for Daylyt’s battle bars to be released in the near future. Swave had much more than bars that he was going to bring to his battle vs Daylyt, and we’ll be releasing footage of Swave explaining what tricks he had up his sleeve for the battle in the near future.

Check out his bars above. After Daylyt releases the verses he had prepared for Swave, who do you think would’ve won?

To clarify, Swave’s second round began with “I’m from a place with dollar dutches bootleg liquor and Mamas Fried…”.




  • nine5for


  • Florida Boy

    if they both plan on releasing their verses for free on cam why couldnt they both sit in front of Vlad camera 1 on 1 and just battle it out? Makes sense to me but im sure somebody gone tell me why it doesnt

    • General

      Same shit I was thinking

      • Florida Boy

        niggas let politics get in the way too much now. I mean if its for the fans then just get in a room and battle….hell any nigga with a smart phone could record it u dont even need Vlad

        • General

          But my nigga we both know it aint all bout the fans, these niggas got agendas.

        • Florida Boy


  • Don

    Swave is a fukin killer in tht ring… Give em a top grid nigga SMACK stop bullshytin

    • lilyoshimitsu

      Niggas are scared of Swave. They don’t want to battle him.

  • General

    Mannnnnnnnnnn i had to stop this for a min. Swave a fuckin beast and Day despite all the antics is dope rhyme spitter. Glad he dropped this but still disappointed I aint get to see this shit.

  • General

    “A couple shots drill in his stop, I light em up lets see how much Watts in him he got” that was fire

  • ohgod

    SWAVE 6-0. bodybag

  • Brock

    “You gotta odd flow, put on these odd shows but as far as these barz go I feel like Alonzo the way I’m training Day”………….STOP!! STOP!! STOP!! That’s enough Sevah, He’s down my nigga, he’s down!!

    • Gee

      Out of all the crazier bars u quote dat one..compared to the other lines that prolly was the weakest one but the average battle rap fan love shit that’s easy to comprehend

      • Brock

        Hahaha simple response cuzzin. I don’t need Haymakers to knock a nigga out cus that “lame looking” two inch hook ona nigga chin he not paying attention to is the most dangerous, EAZY!!

  • razor

    This is such a fuckin waste… Absolutely no point to giving away your bars to a main event battle this is the hands down the DUMBEST shit I’ve seen in a while… For the fans my ass… You could’ve did the battle on any bullshit league and gotten stacks based on the build up of the battle alone from SM3… Swave you’re an idiot…

    • BuckShit

      wtf you care if he did on a battle or not. stop hating nigga.

  • rexless82

    This was the best I have herd from sway… he went in with bars an still keep it gully an he was going ham… that batman bar was nice.. an planty other bars…. but dont sleep this is just 1/2 of the battle. .. day is still a beast reguardless of all his stupidity he has bars an performance an he punch hard…. its crazy this didnt go down… but I wont say sway body day or would of won… I still need to hear day bars!!!! WHERE YA AT DAY?? DROP THEM BARS AN STOP HOLDING OUT

  • Wolfpack Toma

    Im not saying this is ass but wasnt nobody tryin hear this at SM3. The reson swave dont get battles at main events cuz hes boring. Daylyt was going bring the entertainment in this battle, thats why swave was on SM3.

  • Wreckz

    “The ice around here too thin to let you skate by” real ass line from that nigga swave I fucks wit dude.

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration™

    Daylyte doesn’t do well against real dudes. He just clowns back backers and “wins” based on his antics. Prime example Head Ice (real nigga) KILLED HIM. I’m sure with the corwd reaction and actually being at SM3 these bars from Sevah would have KILLED HIM too.

  • Brix973

    Day was about to kill this old nigga!



  • Jon bLaze

    im at 1:40 and this nigga snappin already..dis wouldve been a classic

  • Jon bLaze

    hire one of dizasters cousin to fly into watts tower lmao

  • Jmarshall510

    Not enough

  • lmao

    swave is nice but why he should like his nose is clogged? lmao


    Swave got bars


    why didnt they just battle in another league?????

  • StayInYoLane

    “Me havin’ a black belt is somethin you gotta deal with..” lol really? And the corny team homi shirt??

  • dark Knight

    His bars for daylyte!…slow it down ….. His bars for day…Light!


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