Swave Sevah on Daylyt: “I’m Gonna Kill Him”

Swave Sevah vs Daylyt is one of the most anticipated battles on the Summer Madness 3 card, partially because the fans didn’t predict that match-up happening on such a big stage, but also because it is the only battle on the SM3 card that has it’s own promotional video. It is because of this that many Battle Rap fans consider Swave vs Daylyt to be the main event.

Swave Sevah has been ducked by many “top tier” or “top name” battlers for a while now, which is the main reason why he has been left off of many of the recent Smack/URL cards. However, out of the battles Swave has been featured on, his resume speaks for itself as he’s racked up numerous 3-0 victories vs top quality opponents such as O-Red among many others. Swave has also gone toe-to-toe against Dizaster, Young Kannon, Shotgun Suge, Head Ice, and many more, so his level of experience in the ring is well respected for a reason.

Daylyt on the other hand, is a highly talented and entertaining spitter from the West Coast, who has done practically the unthinkable during his battles to make a statement about how far he is willing to go to get his deserved notoriety. During his past battles, he’s worn a KKK mask, stripped naked down to his birthday suit, worn a Batman costume vs a blind battler, and most recently scratched his private parts and smacked his opponent in the face after doing so. His reckless battle persona is unpredictable, but one must not forget that when you put all of his antics aside, he is a lethal lyrical technician.

It is a battle that could definitely go either way, and has the potential to be an instant classic on the Summer Madness 3 stage.

Swave returned to our VladTV offices for a second interview with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, where he spoke on his upcoming bout vs the most unpredictable battler in the sport. Swave addressed Daylyt’s talent when it comes to having bars, his antics and how they could take away from his lyrics, his previous Twitter post threatening to “take a sh*t on the url stage,” explain how the battle was set up, and state his predictions that he will “kill” Daylyt in a lyrical sense on the SM3 stage.

Check out the full interview above. Who do you think will be victorious? Swave, or Daylyt?


  • em1o1bb

    Swave give out that work

  • Tim

    Swave will kill anyone in url……

  • ohgod

    U can tell by the way this nigga breaths and talks he snores when he sleeps.

    • Twhy



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