Swave Sevah Reveals He Brought a Body Bag For Daylyt

Swave isn’t one to utilize props in his battles, he revealed that he brought caution tape and a body bag for Daylyt at Summer Madness 3. Swave expressed his intense feeling of disappointment for not being able to show the Battle Rap community the material he had prepared on the big stage once the even got cut short abruptly, and hopes Daylyt releases his bars for the public to hear as well.


  • ohgod

    Someone please teach this nigga to breath thru his nose and not his mouth

  • http://fuckurasswithaspoom jamal

    Swave a beast..that would of killed daylt and would of put swave into niggas top 5..ps..whats up with the new comment system..disqus is better because when people reply to a comment they come back to the site..which equal more views

  • Florida boy

    fuck this comment section whose bright idea was this

  • jonjon

    comment setup is wack no more replys from me

  • Anonymous


  • Stayinyolane


  • stayinyolane

    Haha those rounds you spit were not body bag material plus you got an uncle who work for 1time??


    Swave the only nigga that looks sleep awake!!


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