Swave Sevah Speaks On Summer Madness 3, Daylyt, and The Current State Of Battle Rap

In this exclusive interview with NoMercyTV, Swave Sevah and No Mercy discuss a few topics such as Swave’s upcoming battle with Daylyt, the Summer Madness 3 card, battle rappers ducking him, and the current state of battle rap.

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SWAVE SEVAH VS DAYLYT GOING DOWN THIS SUNDAY AT STAGE 48 NYC. http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3748244&pl=stage48


  • boro live nigga

    This nigga nice, he fucked suge up in my opinion, I wanna see this battle first, I use to fuk wit day till I saw that wack shit wipin his hand in dude face, if it was beef, then it was funny, but if daylyt jus do shit like that in his batttles then I aint watchin his shit, I want sevah to fuk daylyt up

  • DR

    really nigga in a hallway? holding niggas up from going to work. the bootleg ass interviews are killing me. First that clown as nigga calling Smack on the phone with the second dummy stepping all over him. The queens nigga with the DNA, Clips, and Goodz sucked ass with him calling everyone a “bird ass nigga” and this hunk of horse shit here. Step your interviews up. Damn

    • Dr. Drain

      dont talk shit about Queens Flip. He dont even do interviews, he does blogs…YOU BIRD ASS NIGGA!

      • DR

        He asking questions. you dumb ass nigga. Is he your boyfriend? you hoe ass nigga. get his balls out of your mouth you faggot ass nigga

        • Dr. Drain

          sounds like someone isnt comfortable with their sexuality. ima pray for u kid.

        • RNT

          OOOOOOO HE TOLD U!!!!

  • Art

    I really like swave. Swave has some of the realist bars in url. Daylyt is my favorite performer not bars but performance. This should be a great battle

  • Dr. Drain

    fuck this shit. SM3 ILL WILL GONNA TAKE OVER!!!

  • whatup

    What Da fuk is wrong with this guys face.daaaaaamn look like a bull frog dipped in dark chocolate.

  • #FACTS

    dude next to swave look sleep…look at em…that nigga on that dust…lmao

  • FAMP

    This shit is messed up a “TOP TIER” battler had to settle for sucka ass Daylyt.. This is shit crazy SWAVE… This nigga had to scrape to get into SM3 but they constantly pushing niggaz like Serious Jones. “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE”.. Give this nigga a real battle so he can certify his place as what y’all consider top tier or not.. He been there to me.. I understand he has a different style (some don’t care for).. but there’s like him.. 100% authentic..


    I hope n pray, with the money he gets from this battle… He purchases a NEW pair of glasses. PLEASE before they fall off

  • flipper773

    He shoulda battled t rex

  • RNT


  • Cleveland 216

    Tay roc gone kill ill will


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