Double review from the capo of the AngryFan movement. Do you agree with 007 winners? Drop your thoughts and comments and let’s debate!




  • Florida Boy

    Since u asked Angry Fan here u go…this just off memory too
    Big Kannon vs O Red – i had Kannon taking that 2-1 his 3rd was too strong with that RIP Hamilton line
    Diz vs Swave – Swave got it he was much more potent i remember he said “i will beat Bin Laden’s location out of u.” Diz had a few lines (and i really mean a few) but at the end of the day he wasnt saying shit despite the Grind Time crowd “Oooohs & Ahhhhhhs”
    T Rex vs Con – i had Rex taking that 2-1 i felt his bars more and i remember Con having some shit but he said too much corny shit for me that battle
    Cal vs K Shine – Cal was hittin dotmobb so hard Mook had to come on stage and console Shine lol and dotmobb hyping Shine bars didnt help cause Cal was on his shit
    Cortez vs Ice – i had Tez taking that pretty easy if u ask me…Judges robbed him cause of that “went to school with all the judges” line but Tez fucked Ice up that battle “I got this chipped tooth from chewing on Ice.” Man Tez was on fire
    Goodz vs K Shine – Shine wasnt polished enough back then Goodz took that battle comfortably
    Math vs Solomon – Highly debatable battle, Iron was real clever and i remember Math having a nice ass 3rd round
    Hitman vs Cortez is a definitely a classic for me i watch that battle like once a month and every time i watch it Hitman takes it 2-1…Hitman had a lot of haymakers and he handled his self real well for his 1st time on that main stage….i can see how people would say Tez took it just depend on yo prefernce
    Miles vs Verb is another classic i watch a lot on my down time but i got Verb 2-1 his 3rd round was nuts. His house scheme was cold i like how he threw that Lux boxes line in there and the way Verb closed with rhyming “effect, no neck, detroit is upset, donate his organs i guess, etc” for like a minute straight was crazy to me…that was like the exclamation point on the battle right there……And i liked both of there gamesmanship too. Nobody was making dumb faces while the other was spittin they both acknowledged when the other hit them with a hard bar and even still it wasnt all buddy buddy either

    • Streets Buchanon

      You should do vlog reviews fam good shit

      • Florida Boy

        appreciate it…i actually thought about it i may do something in the future just got too much going on right now with school shit tho


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