Sway’s Universe | Ice Cube Reveals Top 3 Greatest MCs, Freestyles & and Explains Why Movies Generate More Income

“Hip hop artist, record producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director, Ice Cube, stopped by Sway in the Morning to promote his new movie, Ride Along, which is in theaters now. He explained to us why the funny movie, featuring Kevin Hart, was shelved for 10 years — and why the movie industry generates more income than the music industry. Transcending from the topic of film to music, Cube tells us that the NWA movie has gotten it’s start, and that Dr. Dre is on board as a producer, and all rights were cleared from Eazy E’s estate. Cube also tells us that he is working on his next album, Everythang’s Corrupt, and reveals his personal list of the greatest…
“Melly Mel, Rakim & Chuck D,” he tells Sway.
We couldn’t let him leave without kicking a freestyle though! Watch above, plus catch his new movie, Ride Along, in theaters now.”

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  • ohgod

    love ice cube.

  • Steze

    Legend 4real my g Friday franchise nothing can touch them

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  • Spitdatshit

    CUbe don’t get enuff respect! Rap godfather


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