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Z cover art

Z cover art

If you’ve ever rummaged through a girl’s diary to know her private thoughts you’ve probably run across some pretty revealing truths.  To get caught violating that privacy is hell to pay.  In the case of Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) artist SZA, she has willingly left her diary unlocked for the world to see.

Z is a chronicle of a deeply passionate teenage love affair with the ebb and flows of life as an adolescent and a young adult.  SZA narrates her experiences through the lens of her fractured vanity mirror. Defragmenting the pieces of her life into a complete portrait is SZA’s process of creating her own masterpiece, which is discovering herself.  And since she’s already a non-traditional beauty, with full lips, extravagantly big hair, and freckles, her unorthodox style comes as no surprise.  PBR&B or Hipster R&B (PB is an abbreviation for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer which is often associated with hipsters) is the actual name of this style.

U R, produced by Mac Miller, is the first track that sets the tone for the album.  In typical SZA fashion the mood is slow and sultry as she sings about gaining perspective in her life…

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