T-Rex, P.O.P, Nym-Lo, Vee Da Kid 2, King Snipe, Benny Blanko, Pappion 5, Gutta [Mad Ciphas Episode 1.02]

before dot mob was in full rotation money ave was the movement Nemysis (nym-lo), ron browz & T-REX & co, was spitting that heat on madChiphas dvd!! LET US KNOW WHO HAD THE BEST VERSE S/O MADCHIPHAS


  • queen of the bling

    T-rex was a cutie back in the day!

  • gayman

    skinny niggas look better then fat niggas yes so homo

  • RobG

    Ain’t that da chain he use 2 have lol

  • MrCocky

    So cortez stole money ave and turned it to murda ave? Haha!

  • Anonymous

    man rex did not change at all, just fatter now

  • Toomanywars

    Dude wit the blue Dre beats ear phones went in on some real sh:t.. Dude niceeeee!!

  • Mike jeezy

    Whos son at the end inthe pink hoody dude was goin im cant wait to see the next episode


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