T-rex Vs Head Ice Announcement

trex vs head ice

After years of history and bad blood, Trex and Head Ice are finally set to face each other in the ring. On March 15th Trex and head ice will face off for a battle in the quiet room. Is the Battle long overdue? Perfect timing or too late? How do you guys feel about it being in a quiet room? Let us know what you guys think of this match up. More details on further battles for this event coming soon


  • Logic


    • moneybagzmurdah


  • Ok

    This battle shouldn’t be in a quiet room it should be on the main stage on Url. Battle rap isn’t as important as it once was so the battle is to late. A lot of momentum has been lost, and just to many leagues and people that know absolutely nothing about the culture jumping on board to promote themselves.

    • Omega

      true story

  • kulade da Don

    It’s a good look but not for the quite room you gotta remember every time Rex battle they talk about what happen with ice I’m a follower of the culture and we as the fans still wanna know what happen between the two mcs and what a way to see them Duke it out on that main stage we as the fan of the url deserve to see this match up on smack the beef started on smack and it should finish on smack and boy is this going to be a slug match I could see this on the nome 4 card instead flip set it up on that main stage

  • Some real talk

    Have it on the Url stage.smack theese niggas ungrateful cause they dont know about having to troop to blackstar for the newest smack edition.Smack being doing this shit way before it was cool now every body else wanna dick ride his progress. niggas need to show more luv and stop the hate especially if you african smack dvds made alot of niggas rich with them bootlegs!

  • Pappy Mason


  • Brixxxx

    WHAT THE FUCK ! ! ! ! Deadass After That Bullshit With John John And Clips Now This??? John John And Clips Would Have Been WWAAYY BETTER As A One Off On Smack Or Somthing That Quiet Room Bullshit Is So Fucking Stupid, I Was Such A Huge Fan Of Both Ice And Rex Back Since Lions Den And Waited For This Shit FFFOOORRR MOTHERFUCKING YEARS!!!! After The Hollow Vs Goodz Card I Gave Up Hope, Now Its Back And Its On THE FUCKING QUIETROOM?????????????????? SMACK NORBS AND BESLY STOP DOING THIS TO YOURSELVES, Just Cause Qweenzflip Is Your Friend DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO SELL HIM YOUR BATTLES LIKE WTF?? This Could Have Been A Nice Old School N.O.M.E. 4 Battle That The True Fans That Have Been Watching Since Way Back Could Have Loved And Enjoyed Just Because Of The History And Now Look At What You Guys Did.

    I Wanted To See Lotta Zay And Nuborn On Smack Too, And Please Tell Me That Clips Vs Conceited Didn’t Really Happen Overseas (-_-)

    Dont Get Me Wrong I Been A Fan Since Math And Rex Went At It And Ill Always Be True To URL, Thats Why I Get Mad When KOTD And UW Have All YOUR Rappers Generate Views For Them. I’ve Been Watching Yall Since I Was 12 Real Shit, But You Guys Are Not Listening To The Fans As Much And Its Gonna Start To Hurt You Guys ALOT!!! Personally If Anyone Of You Reads This Please PLEASE Get This Match Up On URL, I’m Asking You As A Fan. I Think You Guys Should Put More For Us To Choose From, Sure You’ll Get Your Noobs That Will Say “Give Us Lux Vs Daylyt” But You Just Gotta Give Us Some More Involvement Cause You Guys Really Do Have True Fans Out There Like Me

    No Hate Though, Cant Wait For That New U.F.F. Season ! ! !

  • Fuck you New school niggas

    No do not have this battle on the main stage or a quiet room. Have it on a stage where it meets down the middle. A conceited vs Tsu Surf, hollow vs Big t, Arsonal vs Hitman stage. We’ve seen to many High profiled battles like this go to waste where the crowd can’t be controlled and ruin the battles. These battles on bigger stages are only good to watch if your at the venue.

    You need to keep it raw. This main stage bullshit is all for image. You have successfully got Smack on MTV, well done. Now let’s take it back to the essence.

    • Gee

      I agree with the taking it bac to the essence wit venues like hollow vs big t..quiet room is the closet thing to the old days..all smacc battles shud be in one off formats like it use to be he tryna generate sum $ with the “big stage”


    Fuck the quiet rooms!””CORNY”””!””

  • James Jean Baptiste

    i thought queenz flip said if smack dont want him to da a battle he wont do it this battle here could get a lot of views even though ICE is just telling jokes in his battles now he doesnt spit that real shit no more. REX jokes once in a blue ice better be on his real nigga shit again otherwise its just gonna be another battle

  • Gee

    All the dope match ups that smacc was pose to put together getting grabbed up by every other league.. Smacc must not wanna pay these niggaz

    Quiet room I fuccz wit jus cuz it won’t be no dicc ridin or crowd interrupting niggaz wen dey tryna get off..shit kinda remind me of the old days ..If u don’t like the quiet room to much I KNOW u base how good a battle is from crowd reaction..Typical new battle rap fans shit

    • Url Stan

      Real rap

  • Url Stan

    It’s about time come on smack how you ain’t book this smh classic when ice was talking to Rex during the Tech 9 battle……you lacking smack come on my boi….queensflip show up my boi booked a great battle

  • mr. freshkickz

    rex gon kill old ice!

  • ohgod

    WHAT!!!!!!!! Quiet Room??!! WTF. So this is gonna be a 1 RD battle? GTFOUTTAHERE. SMACK is loosing it. Big time. KOTD is gonna take ova this shit. I’ve been calling for this battle for ages. It needs to be in the main stage. FUCK SMACK. FUCK NORBES AND FUCK BEASELY.

  • Grindmode

    foreal!….I’m a fan of battlerap period, but at the end the day i think
    their is no league or brand… or their shouldnt even be a brand
    bigger than Smack/url (godfatherstatus). Not on some d-riding sh*t, but the way Smack and
    em built all that and the way they used to grind and hustle, knowing
    there is not a lotta money in this sh*t, shows me that they also did it
    for the love.
    They watched the culture grow (up) and they moved with a
    passion. But the bigger the “culture” gets and the more money it
    generates, the more control will they lose over it.
    They won’t let
    these black business men get bigger and own a potentially big company. We dont even
    know what happens behind the scenes. I wish URL the best and hope they
    get their stuff together….SMACK you know how to grind!!!!
    Matches like that BELONG in the NBA.

    yeah….yall need to improve the communication with the fans bruh…yall got
    people thinking the url is dead lol…its all about communication and
    the will to improve. Show us what plans yall got and shock these “fans”
    with new concepts.

  • jbud125

    main stage for sure..i like to hear crowd reaction weather it be good or bad…my opinion but I do support by watching the battles an queensflip is dum funny..but I think a crowd is needed

  • G0ldMember

    head ice is at his best when he telling jokes

  • dfdfs


  • karateflix .

    I guess im the only one here who feels this battle is perfect.

    Perfect grudge math in a perfect setting.

  • al snow

    I def WANT this battle but NOT in the Quiet room. I like the quiet room more for up and comers. This is a main stage type event.

  • dboy31

    Dam rip url smack you still got a DVD name get back to that nigga gotta eat

  • AlgebraKiller


  • Jeremy StartedfromdaBottom Dav

    Wolf luv this is 1 I been wanting to see tha quiet room is perfect no crowd just bars

  • AlgebraKiller

    Small Venue > Quiet Room > Main stage.

    Small Venue = better. Still get the crowd, minus the mob mentality.

  • whatup

    It is a shame. I see url falling fast. How can you put this match up in the quiet room? This belongs on a main stage where you can get some revenue. I don’t know maybe I don’t know how this business works or maybe they have something up their sleeves. With Kotd and uw it’s going to be a rough year for smack. Trust me.

  • Anonomister

    Y’all sound stupid. “Fuck Smack. URL is finished.” Blah blah stfu. If Kotd and Uw takin over, then why are you on urltv.tv right now? You are gonna watch this shit no matter what. Even if it’s just to complain or hate on it. I swear y’all love to not like shit. But anyways dope matchup but too long overdue. Hopefully there’s enough bad blood to make the battle tense.

    • Me

      Real talk

  • brian

    This is perfect for T-Rex. a no talent nigga vs a no talent nigga.

  • ncredibleone

    All of you who saying it should be on a main stage base battles off of crowd reaction and are not listening for bars, it’s a good thing it’s in the quiet room that way we don’t have dot mob dick riding Rex and the crowd being biased, think this is way better in the quiet room. Battle should have been happened considering their history.

  • Dr. Drain


  • TipOfTheIceberg

    If you think this battle NEEDS or SHOULD be on the main stage then I question if you are one of these ‘new fans’ that John John, Hollow, Verb, Zay, Goods and other battlers talk about. Lions Den didn’t get built on a ‘main stage.’ Mook, Lux, Un Casa, Reed Dollaz and the niggas who started this shit didn’t battle on a ‘main stage.’ The quiet room is a good a place as any for this battle to happen. If you cant enjoy a battle without Don Demarco’s and niggas in the audience gassin shit up for 5 minutes after every bar and all that Hollywood shit then YOU are the problem… not the quiet room.

    And niggas saying battlerap isn’t as important as it once was wtf are you talking about. Battle rap just had its first major live PPV event….Its a slaughter house tournament/reality show about the jump off about battle rap Mook is about to Battle Lux, Mook/Hollow and Bmagic/Daylyt was just a classic…Pat Stay vs Diz was just a classic. Niggas just got paid 15-25 and 40K to battle fuck you mean its not as important as it use to be u niggas is wilin b.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    its about the audience . the best audience was that roof top audience . most of them were rappers .

  • ellz

    Smh rex is too bar heavy he is gonna kill ice bad in the quiet room smh ask kaboom its diffrent when you locked in a room and the fans catch and observe EVERY bar


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