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We all know that your mothers aunt and your sisters cousin has a battle league…

Mikey T The Movie Star Exclusive w/ Hollow Da Don Pt. 2 Speaking on How…

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First 4 lines ... I'm CRYINGGGG 😭😭😭😩😫😫✌️✌️🚣🚣🚣🚀🚀🌎🌎🌎

liteskin_king Luv yu jazz
About 46 minutes ago
mememesimone_kimmie Asssholes
About 42 minutes ago
chanelbenjamin Lmaoooo
About 41 minutes ago
mrignore_u_with_earphones_on Got him lookin like Bubble Wrap 😂😂😂😂😂😂
About 40 minutes ago
royalandloyal1 😆😆😂😂😂👍👍💯
About 31 minutes ago

#pte #booming #url #str84ward #comingsoon #bars

_richard87 #Jersey
About 30 minutes ago

Me and My baby!

_chetney Beautiful picture
About 1 hour ago
msdashy_ifyanasty Loved it
About 1 hour ago
prymemcfly @murdamookez when u coming up here my g ???
About 1 hour ago
blackface1wun2 When boredom strikes, Niggaz start posting pics of they kids dat been sleep for hrs!!! 😂😂😂😭😂
About 57 minutes ago
harlem316 Tuff!..pic
About 53 minutes ago

Tune in Friday uff

yung_tiggz @andylarocksta 3-0 bodybag danny aint readyy legggoooo
About 57 minutes ago
red_reigns @andylarocksta dies at the hands of @MolotovMyers
About 35 minutes ago
mrignore_u_with_earphones_on ^Tha Fuck! Danny gonna do what he did to the rest 3-0 him @yung_tiggz
About 33 minutes ago
yung_tiggz @mrignore_u_with_earphones_on fucks nah haha @andylarocksta is the truth haha danny gettin bodied danny aint got word play delivery or performance nigga is garbage haha 3-0 sno
About 29 minutes ago
yungtruth24 They both wack
About 19 minutes ago

Stay tuned for.updates on the new show.....

sweetcheex1169 Yyy
About 1 hour ago
streetstarnorbe @sweetcheex1169 just have to move forward
About 1 hour ago
sweetcheex1169 I can respect it well keep us fans and supporters posted ... I will be looking out for updates
About 1 hour ago
see_johnny_sell Whoaaaa!!!! Comfort is the opposite of progression ... Good for u bruh!!!!
About 51 minutes ago
streetstarnorbe @see_johnny_sell facts
About 50 minutes ago

Yeeeeeeaaaaah boi

humblesimplicity01 thx luv I will @lynx_o13rtw
About 28 minutes ago
perfectlyriss_cgm HAPPY BDAY 🎉 @lynx_o13rtw see at ya party! Turn Up😆
About 20 minutes ago
lynx_o13rtw @perfectlyriss_cgm thank u ma'am ... I can't wait for Friday !
About 18 minutes ago
jjbaby919 Happy bday @lynx_o13rtw
About 7 minutes ago
lynx_o13rtw @jjbaby919 thank u steph
About 6 minutes ago


  • Conceited!!
    RT @ItsJustinWright: @ConceitedNYC won every round against Clips! - true... bar for bar wasn't close
    YO I really thought Barkley was gonna DDT Kenny by a mistake
  • John John Da Don
    RT @imNOlegend_: @JohnJohnDaDon top 5 in battle rapping.. period.. #RNS
  • Conceited!!
    Conceited & Big T - Battle Rappers vs Industry Rappers http://t.co/dFWGWhEvj7 we want y'all ... http://t.co/R7JkqVJtnc
  • Conceited!!
    Last night in LA!...(well supposedly knowing me I'll miss my flight and spend another day here)
  • BIG T
    RT @MzGracieBaby: We dropping 2 battles in 1 day...up next is @BIGTQMB vs @BigKannon & @PRINCELORDQMB vs @OOOPS4300 it's gon be a #QuietMon…
  • D.N.A™
    RT @followjosh: ... Done with Arcane vs DNA. I don't care enough to pick a winner. If I had to? Idk. DNA, I guess.