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elpira7a Lol
About 2 hours ago
elpira7a Dis nigga
About 2 hours ago

Lying bout yo age knowing ass 30 😂

prince_n_breezy @itbeginswithluv I see your point....but u don't be knowin tht niggas life...nd u ain't been there since day one...maybe he trynna release all this shit thts been in him for so damn long... You can just have one mind set towards him...it's always gotta be "open"
About 29 minutes ago
toobeauty_me #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor you never know what the future brings I understand u have money and all stating that ur daughter will never be a stripper or thot but like I said Dont spoil the future before it comes... I understand but some people ain't so lucky to get it any other ways like u or any other star I Dont think its right to put them that low
About 28 minutes ago
toobeauty_me @dopeboi301 lol
About 26 minutes ago
b_lautner @farahjasem bowwow is just... Can't even describe him in those fucking things with letters!!! #love ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😘😘😘 #cantdescribeinwords
About 22 minutes ago
inna_miu 👌✌👍
About 11 minutes ago

Im having trust issues forrrreeeaal...

lilmark618 When that new album coming out
About 48 minutes ago
wtf_wqd #truth
About 45 minutes ago
stayflystayhighgang Yeah lil homie u still got it
About 30 minutes ago
ambiguous_beauty74 @bowwow Sooooo...Ur Point!!?? U mad or Nah!!?? @90s_cutie U hear this ish!!!?? Ain't NO FUN once the Rabbit has the Gun!!! #FOH
About 25 minutes ago
b_lautner Still got it and ya 4 sure ain't gon lose it!
About 21 minutes ago

TBT tho 💋


Happy fuckin bday 2 gmb @fresh_asimiz

michellesingz Lol hbd @fresh_asimiz
About 3 hours ago
mzvidababy Happy birthday @fresh_asimiz
About 3 hours ago
theaspects That chief joint is heavy #tribe
About 2 hours ago
likeorlurk Hbd my G! #GMBorDiE
About 1 hour ago
popbx_nyc Hbd cuz and @goodzdaanimal i ant fucking with u
About 19 minutes ago

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About 4 hours ago


  • fLEA mA$ON
    This is Sad! Parents Pay Attention http://t.co/gq89H7LAXF
  • John John Da Don
    wouldnt this be a dope ass album cover? http://t.co/zNqRxst5uV
  • fLEA mA$ON
    Sheesh!!! http://t.co/i9BRAW9W8Y
  • D.N.A™
    How many real women are out there ? http://t.co/FdBMznBL1J
  • D.N.A™
    How many females suffer from this ? http://t.co/lt5zt3jRWc
  • D.N.A™
    Who still up ?
  • Conceited!!
    Thotxic Day party! 😂😂😂 (via @mirandablive)
  • BIG T
    RT @ManciniEntGroup: (@ConceitedNYC) & (@BIGTQMB) Talk Who Would Win Between Industry Rappers Vs Battle Rappers [Video] http://t.co/j6oTW6L…