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Rain, Goodz, Surf & Rex hold the flag for Battle Rap at BET's cypher hosted…

Leak of last nights 2014 BET Cypher - Mook, Arsonal, Calicoe, Couture, Plus Loaded Lux

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Tune in Saturday Oct 25th #TheBarCriticsShow we interviewing @nonfiction_ray owner of @nonfictionpromo #NonFictionRadio & @udubbnetwork #udubbnetwork on nfpradio.com 4-6pm ... #urltv #udubbnetwork #NonFictionRadio #battleraparena #15mofe #nome4 #annihilation #sm4 #QOTR #NHB #TheBarCriticsShow #bola5 #igotbarsbattleleague #kotd #instalife #iglife #BattleFixdotcom #instalife #kickhabit #slicktalkent #slicktalktv #steriotypeusa #BlockCityTV #udubbdraft #gladiatorschool #TotalSlaughter #BattleRapNews

dreamingelegance_team Heyy what is up!! We were wondering if you would be interested in becoming a rep for our clothing line? If you are shoot us a text now, our number is on our IG page bio
About 26 minutes ago
jailblazin Very fresh.
About 19 minutes ago


pretty_pearlz 🙋 lol
About 21 minutes ago
streetstarnorbe @pretty_pearlz nasty
About 19 minutes ago
pretty_pearlz So... My man likes it 😒
About 18 minutes ago
streetstarnorbe @pretty_pearlz lmao he's puertorican
About 17 minutes ago
pretty_pearlz 😂😂😂 here u go wit ya shit
About 14 minutes ago

Work hard,,,and make them notice.

harlemru_sgb155 @kidcapri101 got some heat for uu outta Harlem
About 30 minutes ago
m_i_s_s____o_r_e_g_o_n Facts!!! @kidcapri101
About 28 minutes ago
luxurydesignstudio 👌💯
About 28 minutes ago
the_dollar_lama @kidcapri Soundcloud.com/the-dollar-lama
About 27 minutes ago
forever__dopev.xxv ✔️✔️✔️✔️
About 18 minutes ago

North Carolina!! Club 935 Nov 21st

_italiankid Crackin or na
About 37 minutes ago
jphoenixmusic had too re watch ur battle with ars. #classic
About 36 minutes ago
lilsmugsodmg Wtf does that have to do with this picture ? @jphoenixmusic
About 35 minutes ago
shhlanguage Lmao @lilsmugsodmg
About 27 minutes ago
ll_cool_chris Word in the #704 T.U. @conceitednyc
About 26 minutes ago

@kidcapri101 Hosting a battle rapper album oh yeah I'm on It!!! Coming soon #Booming #h2r #pte

sincereblogz.tv @sincerebo
About 52 minutes ago

Tonight we LIT come thru @prostyle deejaying tonight 35-35 Steinway ST what's SHakkin

lizdarling_ 🎥🎥
About 1 hour ago
cortez_hsp #litonatuesday
About 1 hour ago
highofflifericko6 2-1 against yg.... #urltv. #gorillawarfare
About 1 hour ago
highofflifericko6 @cortez_hsp facts
About 1 hour ago
highofflifericko6 Your bars be too real for people to comprehend lol. #murdaave @cortez_hsp true fan
About 59 minutes ago


    RT @casino183rd: Come Watch BBA's First Battle Event That Will Be Hosted By @hollowdadon #lom #bxreps #bba #battle #rap #brevard #bars http…
    “@CashletexNation: Waiting on @MRDIZASTER to drop that Mr. chicken response. 👀” its cominnnn
    “@jnyceone: @MRDIZASTER tomorrow is my bday. Please drop this track” hahaha my boy isnt pickin up
    RT @bigterra: We got @xceldakid @unolavoz215 and @CORTEZ_HSP on @TheWarReportURL rock with us http://t.co/GnOxTSvgkE
    RT @TeBearrr: @hollowdadon @BattlerapPunch my pleasure ! im happy to hear that , this made my day , shoutout to you Hollow #LOM
    RT @x_tah_c: @CORTEZ_HSP dropping some knowledge on TheWarReport. Niggas need to give my man the respect he deserves, even if you don't lik…
  • Voice of battle rap
    I will be on @djvlad couch this week...speaking on my running for mayor of nyc....
  • Voice of battle rap
    Just got off the phone trying to call my manager @SaRaKaNa n she is not answering my phone calls. I think she impeached me lmao