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http://www.vladtv.com - Loaded Lux spoke on Battle Rap now gaining the attention of mainstream industry…

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Shoutout to the homie Anthony Morrow ( @yungfresh ) for the love on my new battle ! ! ✊ and congrats to him joining OKC this year 💪⚡️

mr.calixto Yo u kilt shorty @jaztherapper Bars!!!!
About 16 minutes ago
mac_rodgerz I swear i love you and yur from my birth place...but i lived in Cherry Hill
About 16 minutes ago
sswaggy_d That big gun line had me Rollin' !! 😅😂😭
About 16 minutes ago
lokitobizz_ggm @jaztherapper Katxh Ah Kill B #Brooklyn
About 13 minutes ago
by_anymeans_necessary_300 I posted u spazzing out on her on my page u caught the crazy body
About 1 minute ago


atruemaverick This is you @shanteytay
About 12 minutes ago
countnayout That's every girl photogrid tho lol
About 12 minutes ago
always_been_jojo @chakaila
About 12 minutes ago
mizz_slp Who is this @jus_me80 😆😅
About 1 minute ago
ashley_bonasera @brookecannon_
About 1 minute ago

Not bad for 4 and a half minutes of work! #Bargod

thequill51 Bar God.
About 49 minutes ago
_neeq Dope
About 22 minutes ago

It don't make no sense y'all put y'all numbers my boo @luna5star need to let me hold something 😩😂😩😂 I love you 🙌🙌🙌

jayob0mma Go show her some love she like pics if you not corny lol
About 59 minutes ago
wolfoflongbeach Fasho worth a follow lol @luna5star
About 58 minutes ago
20_freddy505 @luna5star 😍👌
About 31 minutes ago
adavid14 @jayob0mma sup nigga
About 2 minutes from now

Pic is so litt I had to make it dolo good looks @bcruzphoto

elsyprinks Mais quelle beauté ce mec!
About 21 minutes ago
jadenboo9 Hot
About 9 minutes ago
syllll24 😍😍😍
About 9 minutes ago
tahj_orozco Bruh how do I get on Wildnout, I want to so bad
About 6 minutes ago
_chhhhhrystalllll_ U so sessy
About 2 minutes ago

@bmagic53 vs @bigtqmb OUT NOW LINK IN MY BIO |download the urltv.tv app to your phone @2_tm | #NEWPGbattle out now also at the end of battle | @smackwhite @beasleynyc @streetstarnorbe @thisistwizz @djdondemarco @urltv @url_staff_ battle sponsored by @exclusivodka |drink responsible | #urlprincess WHO WON AND WHY ?

treylongz12 What a nigga was waiting for! Thanks Nu Nu! #URLFirstLady
About 50 minutes ago
mrkey28 @wavy_j530
About 49 minutes ago
eajack_sparrow Who you think won NuNu??
About 45 minutes ago
all_i_wear_iz_nike Magic clean kill... #Bars
About 45 minutes ago
princeguru Magic choked and still won... bars are just too good lol
About 34 minutes ago


  • Voice of battle rap
    RT @Dell25OnSMASH: @streetstarnorbe New PG Battle Is AMAZING...Keep It Up Big Homie You Puttin Out The BEST Joints Right Now
  • TSUpac Shakur
    If she skinny wit stretch marks.... Dat box gooooooood . #TeamSlimmER
  • Big T
    RT @philcoforde: @smoothsteve23 @BIGTQMB you and Magic both need a minute away....bars/performance both equally TIRED for ya's both #SORRY
  • Troy Mitchell
    BIG T VS B MAGIC SMACK/ URL http://t.co/KFqAwSFhKI
  • Big T
    RT @LushOne: “@BIGTQMB: @LushOne salute” mutual respect my guy, u 1 of the certifieds
  • Voice of battle rap
    RT @LittleTroy732: Watching @urltv presents Proving Grounds- @Th3Saga vs Blaqu Mugga hosted by @streetstarnorbe & @MiltownBloe S/O to @DNA_…
  • Voice of battle rap
    RT @Kiid_Riich2: This nigga @streetstarnorbe is a dick head 😂😂😢😂 what i do now