• Goodz Da Animal
    RT @jimmybones513: I also predicted dat @CHARLIECLIPS or @TheRealGoodz wuld hav mother joke to start da battle, say Idk my shit!! #battlele…
  • Goodz Da Animal
    RT @BrunoBarzz: @TheRealGoodz why you do T-Top like that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 3-0 he lost before yaw started rapping #BodyOfTheNight
  • Goodz Da Animal
    RT @pakistanyungn: @CHARLIECLIPS @TheRealGoodz 3-0
  • #BallGame✌
    U reaching rock .. 1. my lil brother never headlined a smack event 2. We got same mama same pops. 3. He never spit…
    Shoulda did that shit lmfaoo
  • #MrMaryland
    We was raised off dat motha fuckin belt... if one brother fightin..... @HitmanHolla what is the other brother supposed to do? 🤔
  • #MrMaryland
    RT @urltv: Shout 2 the big dogs that came through 2 support the PG event, @TheRealTayRoc @illwill6deep @CakeLyfe_CHESS @TOPBIZZY @BRIZZRAWS…
  • ShoeBoxMoney
    Tag your favorite up and coming battle rapper in the metro Atlanta area. Ready to get in the…