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The Lox - No Selfies video with cameos of Dame Dash and Murda Mook.

ON DECK: ---------------------- Big Terra THE TOPICS: ---------------------- PREP & BIG TERRA CHOP IT UP…

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Check out my interview for BET

shaybutta1 I need that shirt
About 14 minutes ago
johngotti87 ez
About 13 minutes ago
zen_chakra @dealersnewyork
About 9 minutes ago
savagebossjuugman you and drake gonna battle or what? We need the real money battles for entertainment. Goodz vs Trex or loaded lux against joe budden. Some shit like dat. keep doing ur thing mook.
About 8 minutes ago
About 7 minutes ago

My nigga @tristatenate

tramainmelvin @jaztherapper that show is dope
About 14 minutes ago

A lil old skool to start off throw back Thursday ....


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fif_fire Check ur email
About 38 minutes ago
charliehustlebk My guy hooked me up 4 real!!! Ya da man 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Ty
About 33 minutes ago


    Stay Focused. I've learned a lot from the fickle shit! If one fool say u fell off everyone else eats it up!
  • #BallGame✌️
    Random but imagine how many black ppl got killed for no reason in the 1920's .. They getting away w/da shit still in 2014
  • John John Da Don
    RT @_KillasWitMe: Nigga 😂 I had to memorize that shit. Salute to you for them bars “@JohnJohnDaDon: that new MULTIPLE CHOICE tho”
  • #BallGame✌️
    RT @Nunu_Nellz: @HitmanHolla stop flirting with me 😫😫😫😫😫😫twerks away from this tweet 😂😂😂 <> 😂😂😂😂😂😂👀
  • #BallGame✌️
    RT @LEEM112084: Watch "Hitman Holla Remix - All Remixes So Far" on YouTube - Hitman Holla Remix - All Remixes So Far:…
  • #BallGame✌️
    RT @LuhBottom: @HitmanHolla niggaz ain't tom bout Shyt doe on da set Showw kno mfz ah cum finesse sum real quicc kno rappn#on Showw nem
  • #BallGame✌️
    RT @Nunu_Nellz: @HitmanHolla #onshowwem lol <> lol u know it NuNu!
  • John John Da Don
    RT @BGameSully: @JohnJohnDaDon i gotta hear it cuz im hearin it was ya best one