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Cortez Vs Danja Zone, vote now on who won this bout! POSTED BY : ZEEKZ…

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Fuck Hashtags & Retweets!!! They missed me!!!

bkquest U gettin fat kid
About 3 minutes from now
nhb_millz_esf Eating great bro, how u? @bkquest
About 5 minutes from now


jsavilk @dokmai.velasco
About 18 minutes ago
dame_harriss @apollobeats
About 18 minutes ago
prince_of_rage618 Hitman what's good my nigga, I had a question. Do you thank you and DNA will ever battle? That shit would be hella crazy lol. @hitmanholla
About 8 minutes ago
_lalaashley @a.n.d.r.r.e
About 7 minutes ago
a.n.d.r.r.e Ofn @_lalaashley
About 6 minutes ago

What club she work at ? @jayo_bomma

hollywood75782 @connid
About 33 minutes ago
no_warries @_katiehewson
About 32 minutes ago
brolicplem06 3rd grade huh. ...don't send me to the board in sweat pants 😈
About 25 minutes ago
chocolate_eruption @tone_waffles
About 23 minutes ago
mrwood54 Damn @noble_magic
About 9 minutes ago


mr_fantastic225 Lol
About 1 hour ago
coolstoryjames 👀
About 1 hour ago
iam_spoken Laaaawwwwdddd!!!!
About 1 hour ago
ittybittytiffff Tittiesssss!!!!
About 38 minutes ago
officialrealrap @ittybittytiffff lmao can't wait to see you tomorrow TURN UPPPPPP #SU
About 37 minutes ago

Only $10 GET UR PAY PER VIEW NOW !!!!!!!

flex_gawd_ @officialrealrap comcast on demand ?
About 1 hour ago

@darius_dk y'all got my timeline poppin 😩😂😂😂

tangaroa23 Mums raw fish salad @gracepereztamakaha lol
About 50 minutes ago
rubyrhedd @kue_flowerbomb
About 46 minutes ago
shantaatkins haaaaahaa 😂😂😂
About 46 minutes ago
blaxican_24 @goalsnshit
About 43 minutes ago
p_chukes Lol
About 41 minutes ago


    LoL “@MCBlakk: "Yall will think Im drilling beneath the planet the way I earth Cor"...smh..not hard Danny @CORTEZ_HSP”
    RT @AlexOscarCosme: @CORTEZ_HSP niggas dnt get Ya bars til da footage drop lol every time theres no response Im like yall dnt get it shit w…
  • #BallGame✌️
  • #BallGame✌️
    Great Day 2Day!
  • John John Da Don
    Not alotta niggas can go Bar for Bar wit me on a BEAT! thats not coming from me either
  • John John Da Don
    Hip Hop Beats > Typical Club Beats anyday... Making Club Songs do be FUN tho but cant listen to them OUTSIDE the club
  • BIG T
    RT @LushOne: My ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️azz Intro to @mrdizaster vs @bigtqmb which drops next Thursday "weather fukkin wit sluts… http://t.co/rNdld9zp67
  • Voice of battle rap
    RT @hiphoparchives: Cassidy Interview on TheWarReport w/ Norbes [11/16/2014] - Hip Hop Archives reports Cassidy Interview on TheWarReport w…