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When this song come on I don't how to act b I'll admit it I'll admit it

seis_seis @amoney_shmoney @aye.julian it's called 6 god by drake
About 7 minutes from now
lla.giigglezz Ur cute @conceitednyc
About 7 minutes from now
king_jay_woods @conceitednyc what's this song called?
About 7 minutes from now
_the_kid_frankie_ 6 God. Drake
About 7 minutes from now
seis_seis @aye.julian no its not
About 8 minutes from now

Gn! #excited #progress #ROI

lexbossgmg @msitax I appreciate you friend! Miss u!
About 7 minutes from now


ashrenee__ 💀💀💀😂
About 5 minutes ago
fire.ee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
About 5 minutes ago
tiffyb00eyvette 😂😂😂
About 5 minutes ago
parismylan @kdpegues
About 31 seconds from now
mr_mcinnis @the_real_flo_ 😄😄
About 2 minutes from now

I love my little big brother @_djbigboy_ follow him if your into reggae & hip hop



streetstarnorbe @gunna_girl_ face time me
About 33 minutes ago


  • im woke now...
    “@Nunu_Nellz: @AYEVERB we'lp u gave 48 hrs that was nice of u”<==the god is merciful lmfao
  • Piccaso Son PiccaTSU
  • Piccaso Son PiccaTSU
    RT @dharealsunny: "Your Exclusiveness Determines Your Worth" • I Learned That From My Nigga @Tsu_Surf
  • im woke now...
    “@Nunu_Nellz: @AYEVERB word somebody better 😂😂😂”<== somebody gotta take the fall or the building goes
  • ImADifferentNigga
    RT @GermEBK: @TheRealTayRoc ay why you do rich dollaz and ill will like dat lmfaooooo the faces niggas make when you murkin them 😂😂😂😩
  • im woke now...
    RT @DUBahamaStar: I know smack savin the best battle for last @AYEVERB vs that johnn john kid
  • im woke now...
    “@Nunu_Nellz: @AYEVERB lmaoooooooo hope they do the right thing”<==somebody better tell em ...
  • Piccaso Son PiccaTSU
    RT @Quamania: If I can't lean over and say "Bae she poppin right" you can't be bae