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Shooting video with @tylerwoodsmusic for our song how does it feel A Christmas banger!!!

kimboolee6901 Sounds nice
About 4 minutes from now

I can only imagine what the kitty taste like 😝 @jayo_bomma

inevitablylee @camerinkai 😂😂
About 1 minute from now
monsterheann Lmao
About 2 minutes from now
eljaejae @_rvmossss oh hell naw 😂😂
About 3 minutes from now
tbreed86 @skinny_ash
About 5 minutes from now
sergio_dis @_thelionbaby
About 5 minutes from now

Club lit! U heard

youngheavv Turn up session
About 5 minutes ago
manolo_flexxin Follo a real ni66a Mook!! Been a fan since you first hit Smack on my set!! I still laugh to this day at that Serious Jones Catastrophe 😩😂😭😭😭😭😭 why you do my mans like that lmao #Eazy
About 4 minutes ago
manolo_flexxin @murdamookez
About 4 minutes ago
youknowchuck Mook New Orleans fuckin wit YU tuff
About 3 minutes ago
lolafuckn_falana 😘😍
About 3 minutes ago

I need an 11.5 in these yah if anyone can let me know. I need these

mercuryrisin Won a raffle. Picking tomorrow am. Will get at you once they are in hand bruh.
About 3 minutes ago
streetstarnorbe @mercuryrisin hit my dm. How much
About 3 minutes ago
mercuryrisin I'll hit the DM right now
About 2 minutes ago

New real rap interview with the homie @tallestnigganthebuilding


These are @cousinsbrand gear, they got dope jersey and shirts at cousinsbrand.com

honornrespect @poppsoff
About 4 minutes ago


  • Ken Kesey
    RT @Quamania: Mannn Surf have the illest supporters !!! S/o to all of yall who fucc with Surf and the #RawBunch movement!!!
  • HEAD I.C.E
    Bullets ain't got a name on it Check out this video on YouTube: http://t.co/vTaJsWtBfn Wolf Love To My Wolf #Salute #WolfLove @iamch0pper
  • Voice of battle rap
    RT @Heavybag201: Everybody wanna be your friend.... Until it's time to do business
  • Ken Kesey
    RT @JENAE_LYNETTE: She like Molly she like weed she got spectacular taste " @Tsu_Surf
  • Voice of battle rap
    Watch "[radio] GOODZ -VS- CASSIDY" on YouTube - [radio] GOODZ -VS- CASSIDY: http://t.co/JxIOed9wTb
  • Voice of battle rap
    FactsRT @Heavybag201: My brother @streetstarnorbe told me a long time ago. Watch who's who in this battle rap shit. Can't trust everybody
  • Voice of battle rap
    Watch "GOODZ & CHARLIE CLIPS HAVE A ROASTING SESSION (AL…" on YouTube - GOODZ & (cont) http://t.co/HC0ZVr9GZ9
  • BIG T
    This girl lornadoonecookies got a clit this big kinda scary http://t.co/5CPoJDWbF4