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About to watch this classic while I work out



bigwilllive That's deep
About 8 minutes from now

Wide awoke cuz I jus woke up

evadablackrose You think we working tomorrow?
About 30 minutes ago
iamdonedeal @evadablackrose I pray to GOD no
About 29 minutes ago
evadablackrose What time you go in?
About 25 minutes ago
iamdonedeal @evadablackrose 730 if we are open
About 25 minutes ago
evadablackrose Text me in the morning please.
About 23 minutes ago

Late night gym, bout to go do some squats or SOMETHIN CUZ my ass to flat for me to be this fat 😩😩😩💪💃

streetstarnorbe @mzgraciebaby i would eat that booty Lmao
About 43 minutes ago
mzgraciebaby I hate you @streetstarnorbe 😩😂😂😂
About 42 minutes ago
ourworldent RIP to a West Side Nigga
About 39 minutes ago
kingdale114_ 😂😂😂😂😂@streetstarnorbe
About 38 minutes ago
mzgraciebaby Lmfao @ourworldent get off my page asshole
About 34 minutes ago

Im in the building Cleveland

itstheref #Salute See you then.
About 2 hours ago


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    “@Sparkle_Lynn: Goodnight” GN
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    “@thesneakergrind: @BIGTQMB Let it burn, let it burn” Yezzur
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    Im sorry JUNO 😂😂😂😂 State of Emergency 🚨🚨🚨 http://t.co/ByetS81sPC
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    We gone kill Yall consistently #Godedition #cityonfire #linkinbio http://t.co/riGdxyfgdP
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    RT @superhater: Feels good as fuck to be caught up on transcribing interviews for a change...getting soooo fucking hyped up for #BO5 next w…
  • #YOLA
    i thought i was great at not giving a fuck what people think but I'm actually getting better
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    My Ep so bad i had a fan email it back #Skirttt https://t.co/CULBIF4CIT
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    @MurdaMookez Big T ft M_O City on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥#Chiraqanthem #Godedition #BIGTTUESDAY https://t.co/RVF76ALiiK RT