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Every monday on my T L ... Sheesh 👣@jayo_bomma

linvin88 😂😂😂😂😂
About 26 minutes ago
mxe.mmxiii Im takin this 😂😂😂😂😂
About 23 minutes ago
thaiserrette Lolll
About 12 minutes ago
eazy_comedy Lol
About 11 minutes ago
hiphopsoulz Lol
About 9 minutes ago



They use that opportunity to kick you at your lowest 😅 if you can't take it .. Don't dish it

datkid_armando @alex_792 @diego_campo @heres_shortyxd lmfaiio
About 1 hour ago
bigmansteve90 @nazaminsky333
About 41 minutes ago
costal_vc_1999 @davidvaldes3
About 36 minutes ago
darius_dk Word lol
About 35 minutes ago
dhatboig @chefpapioso84 @nellynel_ @lifemessiah
About 22 minutes ago


lokitobizz_ggm Rp
About 4 hours ago
jaztherapper Shiddddddddd
About 27 minutes ago

Happy Bday @jaztherapper she Know Howtah Turn Up!!! #Booming #LoveHate #h2r #traphouse #rbe #photobombing


I would like to thank my bro @damonster98 for making one of my dreams come true which was to walk through the tunnel at the giants home game n walk the field. I will smashed cherish this. #dreamsdocometrue

iiamlesha But did u see those cowboys 😁😁😁 lol
About 4 hours ago


  • JC
    RT @MCBlakk: Now watching @MolotovMyers vs @ThekidJ_c #salute @BigKannon @MzGracieBaby
  • JC
    RT @MCBlakk: "Lets make sure he dies logically/ fast and proper grab the chopper/ we right up on em..thats a biography" hard @ThekidJ_c
  • Ken Kesey
    RT @jublue31: @Tsu_Surf You don't fuck wit Kazzie? ( @KazziePop good money.
    "@dSfRetro: Humble af ,i wish i coulda linked up wit you out there @hollowdadon have fun brody" no doubt
    RT @AoFonzy: @hollowdadon plz kill clips cause it only count if u do it apparently even though he lost to jones and illmac and got 3'-0'd b…
    "@Sum1real: @hollowdadon was u downtown tonight? I swore I saw u in the pizza shop" Facts, im out chea lol
  • Goodz Da Animal
    RT @LOTTOAURA: I lost 2 very close friends I thought I had in last 24hrs but it's for the best clearly every body moving in different direc…
  • Goodz Da Animal
    RT @JMerasty23: Idc @illwill6deep n @TheRealGoodz the realest n illest in this battle rap shit they both ina class of they own.