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Thanks for the support because a lot of these motherfuckas are picky and won't like something because you asked them too fuckin haters this pic gonna get more likes than the last one I put up why ? Cause your pussy and or dick stink that's why carry on

perdido_amc Lol this was a pretty co post @jayobomma_
About 5 minutes from now
jayden.100 gotta quit insta cause of my grades, but next follower can have it, I'll dm you the info 😔
About 6 minutes from now
enjaytee I wish I could like this twice.
About 10 minutes from now

I love LOVE love love the #beyhive 🐝🐝🐝 Kidrock said he don't think Beyoncé is all that and if he knew better he would have kept that shit to himself now his whole ig is full of 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #whorunstheworld 😭 maybe teamnununellz can 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅 add that emoji when someone try me 😂

flyguytnc 🐝🐝🐝 ohkay now follow me nunu lol
About 19 minutes ago
beyoncefans.music Hey, cool post 😍
About 17 minutes ago
newlife_ace Follow back please
About 13 minutes ago
live4bigger Nah they really flooded his whole gallery with 🐝🐝🐝😂😂😂😂😂 that ni99a put up a post with a can of raid😂😂😂😂
About 40 seconds from now

Some of Yall are Fine with that... #NotMe

mismewiddabullshit Lol
About 28 minutes ago
the_affluent Loooooooool cheapskate lames
About 28 minutes ago
the_affluent #SharingShotsLikeSomeHomosFromTheVillage
About 26 minutes ago
the_affluent #PauseWorthy
About 26 minutes ago
the_affluent #HolUpWhereTheChicksAtTho
About 25 minutes ago

Feeling like the man when I walk threw lol! #BRUH #Booming #h2r #rbe #jamaica #coolLikeDat


Check out the link in my bio and subscribe to my #youtube channel please @jayo_bomma

redflores33 Lamao next one is listen to mymixtape
About 33 minutes ago
hollywoodcloset Pretty!
About 30 minutes ago
rigo_versace Quick question: do girls care if a nigga eats ass?
About 24 minutes ago
darius_dk 💯
About 19 minutes ago

Bbqs take out lmao home bound tomorrow

freshy_3 Cheese cake 40
About 43 minutes ago
yawifeabasicbitch_ @40_barrs my sis eating good 😘
About 43 minutes ago


    Perfect Visual for the perfect song!
    Jax turned up that episode! N yelawolfs song played perfect!
    Bout to smoke one and knock out!!!! 💯
    Always my favorite! ⚡️
  • Ty Law
    RT @KNICKsKICKZnMMA: @TyListenAnWatch old @BIGTQMB show up its a good match either way only one law showing up n he Gonna cook @SMACKWHITE …
  • Ty Law
    RT @KNICKsKICKZnMMA: Niggas scared to battle @TyListenAnWatch im convinced boogie man to you dudes never hear dudes talk greasy,head get bi…
  • Ty Law
    RT @DanjaZone16: @TyListenAnWatch @BIGTQMB @SMACKWHITE Aye Ty...he scared bruh. Don't say names on the vlog then hide. BOOP BOOP BLLLL BOP…