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😭😭😭😭😭 @cash_shakur

tonycortezz @checortez77 @one__andonly @jordy_cortez7 @dopewaldo
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tonisteelz 😭😭😭
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thaworldillest @asyd_trip
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lowcutt Lol
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blovelace88 @dominicanpr1nc3
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Late july! #Thepurge my first EP going straight to itunes! #DolladayENT💰 #liquidshieldmanagment💧#support 💯

mr_brown_718 I support shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
About 27 minutes ago
achink_4orevr Ooohhhh! Will listen.
About 25 minutes ago
mtrent215 That cover crazy
About 22 minutes ago
mtrent215 Spooky
About 22 minutes ago
notchie504 Go🚦
About 20 minutes ago

#StudioFlow In Deep Thought.... My Next Move Has to Be My BesT Move.. #Stayfocused #Coneyisland🎢🎢🎡 #WM #Vampin Shirt by #Gunsdownlifeup @Jimbo569

youngog_mm3 My nigga
About 24 minutes ago
dchamberzciw @youngog_mm3 $$$
About 18 minutes ago
youngog_mm3 Baleedthat homie keep getting to it @dchamberzciw that boy clips triping fa real u nice with that music shit! #facts
About 2 minutes from now
dchamberzciw @youngog_mm3 😂😂😂 Pay That Fool No Mind & #StayTuned i got somthing in the Stash
About 3 minutes from now
youngog_mm3 Gotcha big bro let me no when tho @dchamberzciw
About 5 minutes from now

shoutout to everybody in Houston that helped me enjoy my trip 😫🙌🏽💯 ; #SouthernBattleRap I definitely fucks w. yall ❗️

prince_of_chivalry Saya 😂😂😂 @alwayz_showing_love
About 28 minutes ago
shimdagreat H-tizzy show mad love @jaztherapper i know u enjoyed urself
About 25 minutes ago
jaztherapper ODDDD @shimdagreat
About 18 minutes ago
scottyraps Waaaay waaaayyy up
About 14 minutes ago
leemlizzy I'm Tryna jazz up the place lololololol
About 5 minutes ago



Some very dope battles took place man. Only $20. Let's support!!! Any other time I see a lotta y'all online stuntin wit big ass knots talkin bout how y'all out here gettin it. Niggaz got Gucci belts, PS4's, exclusive never before seen $1,000 foams and J's but ain't got $20. Stop playin man COP DAT!!!



  • JC
    RT @mr_fourth_qtr: Recent YouTube vlog just been posted...check it out @ThekidJ_c @chillajones @OrganikHipHop @ItsARP https://t.co/mmdQg6wa…
  • Mook.
    😭😭😭😭😭 @_TA210 https://t.co/gFMDY6E091
  • Young Yola
    RT @kingJarrodLee: @hollowdadon just ordered hella gear hoping to atleast get the 4th of july T by the 4th. salute
  • Ken Kesey
    RT @El_jefecubano: My daughter asked me why @Tsu_Surf was so aggressive
  • Ken Kesey
    RT @rapandroses: Just really listened to @Tsu_Surf. Pretty dope
  • D.N.A™
    S/O @_kay_shine @AYEVERB @HitmanHolla @DontFlop @twitteurgh @BodyBagnall We On Worldstar http://t.co/0bceY9sLWO
  • D.N.A™
    RT @JeffKilleM: @_kay_shine & @DNA_GTFOH vs @HitmanHolla & @AYEVERB http://t.co/RGp6sziCLH
  • John John Da Don
    PG Gawd 🙌