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THE BAR EXAM Game Show EP. 2 Featuring Sincere, Marie & Monster. POSTED BY :…

Bet has an exclusive look into SM4 featuring SMACK and Beasley, along with a short…

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#RP #donedealfacts


Good morning world! So excited! #life #vision #clarity #rarity #wishIwasthere #Rotterdam #Netherlands #MarkthalRotterdam #MVRDV #greatworkofart #congrats #love #architecture #Iwakeoutmysleeptodrawtoo #youwillseemyworkoneday

nikkim_1 cooool @ShelbyAndSandy
About 14 minutes ago
jonncar beautiful
About 5 minutes from now

From Sm4 Weekend Straight Into Season 3 Of UFF!!! Today We'll Be Shooting Some Classic Battles With A New Breed Of MC's Who Will Become The Next Stars Of The Culture..

nahmeanuheard #Yazimmie
About 37 minutes ago
keef_will What time this Start ?
About 24 minutes ago
marc_by_gucci Yooo beazz can y'all drop a battle today from sm4 a lot fans are less fortunate so there for couldn't purchase tix to be at the event?? @beasleynyc
About 24 minutes ago
juniedamfrebel Ttop
About 4 minutes ago
juniedamfrebel Vs Briz in the finals
About 3 minutes ago

#Goodmusic is moving onto the semi-finals in the #HipHopBracket! VOTE for them if U love GOOD music!

2liveraps #GoodMusic @106andpark
About 9 minutes ago
mrdean4eva @missqiananichol I don't watch BET at all only for the awards show. Smh, bet sucks!!! Sorry #Bet
About 8 minutes ago
nivlacn9ne Ayye GOOD music
About 6 minutes ago
jstrong954 #YMCMB !!! @106andpark gunitSucks .
About 2 minutes ago
myname_keiraa #BETGoodMusic
About 3 minutes from now

u can tell they didnt wana react but they HAD to!!! (my opening bars btw) #SM4

macblast24 Sup cusn @johnjohndadon
About 2 hours ago
fatboi_rastaboii Ok I see I aint the only one into this battle rap @macblast24
About 1 hour ago
adam_cole_atl I swear Smack stay booking in front of garbage ass crowds on purpose...
About 1 hour ago
macblast24 Thats my blood cusn @fatboi_rastaboii
About 1 hour ago
pride_joy @rip_904 @steviee_2290
About 45 minutes ago

u know the HATE is REAL when they said i LOSS! lmaoo dont be fooled please tell @smackwhite drop that footage

mic2611 I just peeped hitman up there all hype like u didnt shit on him last year lol
About 2 hours ago
therealjuicedagawd23 @mic2611 Hell #HitMan got on Black/Baby Blue 12's wit a red hat but.....He can have that....That ain't even what I'm MAD AT Lmfao
About 2 hours ago
mic2611 Yooooo i didnt even notice his kicks lmao... Ok i understand rep ur hood but damn make sure ur steps is good lol.... @therealjuicedagawd23
About 2 hours ago
mic2611 I aint sayin they ass but make sure ur shoes match ya hat!!
About 2 hours ago
robbulls @epalldayeveryday @bjohnson6 lmao!
About 1 hour ago


  • Voice of battle rap
    Watch "Smack White Recaps Summer Madness 4 With Norbes" on YouTube - Smack White Recaps Summer Madness 4 With Norbes:
  • JC
    RT @HiiPower: @ThekidJ_c style is dope
  • JC
    RT @TieraM88: Catch this pussy unexpected. We know he don't tuck a weapon, don't Raw mean unprotected? @ThekidJ_c
  • IG: BMAGIC53
    Kidda the great vs Kidd show out: JC IN DANCE BATTLE 2014
  • Conceited!!
    @JohnJohnDaDon nigga I had to eat up a laid in dirt sex on the beach bar talk about my pain!
  • IG: BMAGIC53
    RT @ThisIsTwiZz: @DABEST_BMAGIC was on his A game at SM4 #sm4 #urltv
  • John John Da Don
    RT @Taz24_7: @JohnJohnDaDon any nigga that dress like verb has lost already. I always expect that nigga to break dance for some reason. 😂
  • John John Da Don
    RT @Sinatra_eXs: @JohnJohnDaDon I Know you put this nigga in a body bag .... I'm just waiting for this footage b @SMACKWHITE needs to get t…