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Following his rematch vs. Murda Mook on the first ever Total Slaughter battle event, Loaded Lux…

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Me And the homie lit wit my guy y'all know who he is $$$$$$$)

matie_wittynamenotneeded Don't know how to spell his name huh? Lol
About 37 minutes ago
raw_spk @matie_wittynamenotneeded Lmao!!!
About 36 minutes ago
_sincereguy Aint the boy spitting in the wind @zipemup_kshine
About 35 minutes ago
drejavis24 He just look like a snitch
About 31 minutes ago
_fuqyobish 👄👅💋💞💞💞💞💕💖💛💜💝👅👅👅👄💋
About 9 minutes ago

Go add my lil bro we fucking them up tonight in the club MT @bossnuke518

loyalgang_dot I see u @bossnuke518
About 4 minutes from now

Me and the skrap @therealhellrell live #Sues

m0rgan_28 🔴
About 54 minutes ago
remy_not_average My mothafuckn nigga @therealhellrell
About 48 minutes ago
sehlfies @sho_gottigoon nice what was the latest battle? Trex vs.. K-Shine vs.. Murda Mook vs.. Etc...
About 43 minutes ago
sho_gottigoon Well you have RexvsSuge, Shine vs JC on the 26/27 one of them days in jersey
About 37 minutes ago
sho_gottigoon @sehlfies
About 37 minutes ago

Sues tho ....

hollywood_hefna Sick me on anybody I got em zipped up Lil I got a battle in si with lecks loothah pull up slime
About 1 hour ago
sho_gottigoon The team Us Bay Rex and KSlay
About 57 minutes ago
usbay @zipemup_kshine #DOTMOB #JOYTLIFE
About 45 minutes ago

Drinking and aint thinking we might get killed for this but so what lol Who's da lucky ladies tonight #DOTLOVETHO

beendoinitbenny I see yah brozay #9fingerz heard you thou!!! @theyhatetrex
About 1 hour ago
veno_da_don Dotmob!
About 1 hour ago
theyhatetrex #love bro @beendoinitbenny
About 1 hour ago
mrabad8 Ey Rex you know what I just realized? You've never choked my G! I give you mad props for that every time you step in that ring your sword is sharpened and you got plenty of rhymes in the bag. You take your craft seriously and you can't help but respect. Top 5 all time easy. Kobe of battle rap
About 1 hour ago
superugly83 Get them niggas rex!
About 60 minutes ago


  • Kay-Shine
    Me And the homie lit wit my guy y'all know who he is $$$$$$$) http://t.co/ltiHF4o8tK
  • TSUpac Shakur
    #iThinkMySonGotSomebody #Pregnant #LolAlwaysSleep #DontEvenKnowWhereWeat http://t.co/GB9Kcj2tEd
  • TSUpac Shakur
    Wish I could leak this ... Surf x Ransom x Joey
    Check out @SMACKWHITE rocking my #nodayzoff snap back there available now for purchase http://t.co/dHOMd83ao0 http://t.co/vBaPFA58Rd
  • Conceited!!
    1 round battle last year never released!! Conceited vs Klutch! https://t.co/IQnXcDOt8y
    RT @joejoepanda: I love @MRDIZASTER 's freestyles but his writtens can be way harder sometimes. #r.i.p.mathhoffa
    “@Mr_Trollvember: @MRDIZASTER lost when he told a room full of men he was suicidal because he was broke.” That was a blatant lie
  • Conceited!!
    Funniest shit ever is when a chick has her man all on her ig and in her bio and that nigga page is bout 1 pic of her lml bio says "MOB"