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This is one of the greatest matchups in Street Status history. DNA from Corona Queens…

DNA VS T DUBB O Trailer- Battle drops today

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    RT @Debellonia88: @AYEVERB Dog.. that was the Verb we love man. Salute to one of the Goats.
  • war k
    RT @Nuky_LOM: Shoot your shot (@bigtqmb voice)
  • Voice of battle rap
    I'm getting creamed on Facebook someone go vote for me lmao
  • DIZ
  • DIZ
    Gun control advocates are dumbest human beings alive . Pure idiots .
  • Organik -
    Salute bro, safe travels!
  • Organik -
    Supposed to be about who is the best. They scared of that so they make it about the $
  • Organik -
    RT @TheSaurus831: Salute to @AYEVERB for the fire battle. Really glad we got to spar before his retirement cause he's in my all time top 3…