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Charlie Clips recently chopped it up with VladTV about potentially being the best in URL…


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Good morning boo's have a wonderful day and make sure u put a smile on someone's face today ☺️😘❤️


#donedealfacts I shipping everywhere so it doesnt matter where u from ! See ya soon


Check out my bro and cast mate @charley_koontz who plays Krummitz on CSI CYBER!! He like man we almost did 11 mil last night in viewers im going up! Hahaha just dont do this in the office! #csicyber

__brrooklyn Happy birthday 🎉❗️
About 6 minutes ago
stickndjabmoney I was a big fan of urs but theres a secret girls mens u know I was inspired by ur music but this shit kray
About 3 minutes ago
stickndjabmoney Girls idiot
About 3 minutes ago
moneymakingkp ‼️‼️$0 NEEDED‼️‼️ Earn up to 8k cash or more in 24hrs!!! Text "HELP" to 2247893320
About 4 minutes from now
sauts @charley_koontz this is awesome!
About 7 minutes from now

What he meant to say was come lick the crease between his leg and tucked penis 😫 #battyboy

beautiful_beatrice @mrs.eileenelliott
About 15 seconds ago
castj112 @philipwith1l
About 15 seconds ago
paulag1811 @yuyugram_ buajajajaja
About 2 minutes from now
priscillakersje Whahahaha the crease . I don't like it when they refer to their assh*** as een pu**y.There I have said it .
About 2 minutes from now
a_freshprince @_tbreezyyy
About 3 minutes from now


misfit_t.o.n.y I guess that's CHURCH 😂😂😂😑#Originality
About 5 hours ago
ahdiboom @tsu_surf
About 5 hours ago
yvette203 Right I peeped this battle earlier.
About 3 hours ago
fokuz_prime 😂😂😂😭😭😭 niggaa bloop bloop
About 2 hours ago


eric2000bc @streetstarnorbe i need a job
About 6 hours ago


  • Conceited!!
    RT @DJLuckyC: Another dope set! KOD Turnin Up! My Homie @djvybz305 jus plugged in! Happy birthday @conceitednyc!… https://t.co/Ei3oWFK6Ji
  • INSTAGRAM bigtqmb
    (Unofficial video) Bout That Life Big T Ft Pistol MGS http://t.co/i7jk5TNzQK
  • John John Da Don
    u spelled "BODY" wrong but u right “@GQPrep: @JohnJohnDaDon If We Not Battle Of The Night That Just Mean You Fu##!N Up!!”
  • John John Da Don
    lmao u REALLY believe that? “@GQPrep: @JohnJohnDaDon Giving Me The Shot & Im Taking It....CLOSE RANGE!!!!! ROOKIES VS VETS!!!!! #RvV7-0”
  • John John Da Don
    which is whats wrong with EVERY NEW NIGGA 2day
  • John John Da Don
    when u think u know everything is when u reveal u dont know ANYTHING
  • INSTAGRAM bigtqmb
    RT @JohnJohnDaDon: @GQPrep @BIGTQMB difference is WE know the difference smh #NewNiggas
  • Organik - KOTDTV.com
    These issues I have when I smoke... Like, where is food.. Why is food so far away.. Why can't someone just bring it to me... 😞