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SMACK/ URL drops the next battle from their recent REDEMPTION event. This action packed highly…

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officially_hartless @illwill6deep wat up nigga you fuck wit any of dem beats pimp
About 3 minutes from now

😂😭😂 the end of an era

robocop80 @highlyappropriate @success101_jcheese lol
About 45 minutes ago
robocop80 @diannaro damn near one of the best posts I've seen in like 2 months
About 44 minutes ago
_betty______ 😂😭😭😭😭
About 35 minutes ago
fantasy_sports_wolf You the goat lol. I voted to dawg
About 34 minutes ago
1shotdez @yrnspade 😂😂😂
About 29 minutes ago

Sept 30th im Releasing the Single "More 💲" along with the New video dir by @Xxiv.mov at the same Dam Time With a Video Release Party!! #StayMotivated My Guys Turned up wit me #Flex aka @foreverpaidproductions @CeoChev #Coneyisland #Djs Hit me up This a #ClubBanger

_justin_xx 🔥🔥🔥 #More💲
About 2 hours ago
dchamberzciw @yaboymoe40 #Salute
About 2 hours ago
dchamberzciw @_justin_xx #RealsupporttheReal
About 2 hours ago
amiwrite Always gonna respect your grind. You shaking more than the block homie. Race you to the top
About 2 hours ago
dchamberzciw @amiwrite #Warriormentality to Win!!
About 2 hours ago

Its only the beginning....#MITM


Virgo season is live but that LIBRA SEASON THO 🎶♎️💪🏾 #libragang

richpw1 @eliciajasmine #mood
About 51 minutes ago
brinabandztalk @bandztalk
About 51 minutes ago
_melisssaaafg2 @annetteddie
About 43 minutes ago
j0hnmata @js0lo tomorrow at @siontherapper house @robertj_20 @jonathanjimenez06 @robbbb18 @rich_more
About 39 minutes ago
ashleylibradiaz 😈♎️♎️♎️♎️
About 16 minutes ago

Happy 24th @pinkmeisha !!!! Go best friend that's my best friend !!! ❤️💅

zayrob86 The lil time it took me to even write that short msg, shit jumped from 149 likes/hearts to 169^^^ Yeah, shes that fine! Lol
About 2 hours ago
big_ced49 Damn lil mama sexy @jaztherapper
About 2 hours ago
mazzaratti_p80 Swear @zayrob86 😂😂😂 i was on shorty top
About 1 hour ago
zayrob86 @mazzaratti_p80 Bruh... I'm sure! Lol btw in the midst of the immeasurable drooling over you that's about to take place, Let me also take a sec to wish you a very Happy Bday @pinkmeisha wish you all the best, God Bless
About 59 minutes ago
mazzaratti_p80 Well said my brother @zayrob86 and happy soul day beautiful as well @pinkmeisha
About 57 minutes ago


    RT @sweetre15: @MRDIZASTER: If only KOTD could set up an LA event with you vs O'fficial as the closer and Hollow vs Jaz on the same night. …
    “@tidwell_donnie: "Your mother will always love me long time" That killed it 😂😂😂 @MRDIZASTER” lol when i thought of it i tripped out😆
  • Conceited!!
    RT @BeneditoJerome: This nigga @ConceitedNYC is one of if not the best to do it when it comes to this punchline shit! #crazy #slowitdownIju…
  • Conceited!!
    RT @SkeeOne: Killed It: Conceited Grocery Freestyle! http://t.co/rtd7O1g0jA
  • Conceited!!
    RT @MajdK16: @ConceitedNYC idgaf you'll put that nigga on skates - asapington
  • Conceited!!
    Some nigga battled I think Brixx in the jungle one time and said something like "conceited you can get these bars too" crowd erupts
  • Conceited!!
    Yall just don't get a nigga can say the whackest bar ever(ie Tay roc) but since it's a diss to me aka GAWD they will all cheer