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Happy g day to my brother for life @king_turn_up . U see me u see him. Same niggas. Day 1 niggas. 25 years in

conceitednyc @king_turn_up my nigga! Happy g day fwaahh
About 14 minutes ago
etcsmusic Happy bday bro
About 3 minutes ago
m6__gmc Happy bday u ugly muthafukka
About 3 minutes ago
nbtoddy Every battle I've seen of u i see fam there
About 20 seconds from now
504_ambassadortrev Happy Birthday G @king_turn_up
About 20 seconds from now


zykillacashh_ UR SEXY FAM
About 26 minutes ago
kyngmekhidewan Wat chu kno bout that old school lol ..
About 26 minutes ago
swagsoocharming U look sad as fuck
About 26 minutes ago
whiteboyghostt You in your feelings B 😂😂😂
About 25 minutes ago
kae5_g I'm on the same wave tonight
About 25 minutes ago


los_parties Bring them out Friday
About 41 minutes ago

Click the link in my bio to listen to the first release off that #161 project #cortezforthefame featuring @jayd_ink For ALL MY Dj's if you need the record its available for download plus a lot more on audiomack page & if you need drops hit me ASAP we working!!!! #nodayzOFF

718queenofqueenz Hope to see you again soon!!! I need you n my next song!!!! #upcommingevent #masterplan
About 54 minutes ago
nelson_r____ @panda_queen31
About 51 minutes ago
allthingssophisticated when the music video drop?
About 49 minutes ago
lou_dabarber I hear you boo
About 31 minutes ago
juana__fernandez 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
About 26 minutes ago

On the set of #TooReal new video on the way.. We putting on the pressure now. Time to out work them. #Sosodef

eddie_kenyav @shadmoss do u read ur comments? I trip cause y do some people sit here and talk shit yet they following u?
About 18 minutes ago
uriel.jackson @alexxchina23 bow wow is a good guy and he doesn't wanna be like chris brown he's just being his own person if you can't accept that maybe you should unfollow him I don't mean to be rude but I'm just saying
About 14 minutes ago
thata1plug Need A Sneaker 👟 & Designer Plug 🔌 ❓❓ @shadmoss
About 12 minutes ago
delossantosxx That lip doe lmaooo😂😂😭
About 12 minutes ago
sookybabyy Love that guy 😜
About 12 minutes ago

I Thought These Guys Were Soldiers Who Can't Be Distracted & Aren't Suppose To Move??? I Guess HipHop Runs The World.. A Few Robot/ Breakdancing Moves & All Their Training & Discipline Is Out The Window Hahaha 😂😂😂 I Would've KO Him Out Too.. #HipHopConquersAll #DancingFool

casinojoe45 @dglaze222 @cs23back
About 1 hour ago
tailz_goldmouth_dawgg Dead
About 1 hour ago
horace_bretti #DatsdatSoldiershit do the robot n front of him and its #Lightsout
About 1 hour ago
murdamookez 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
About 1 hour ago
ikitatoy @purplesmiles @lady_j03
About 43 minutes ago


  • BIGT
    #quill https://t.co/KPQJe1kwTY
  • Young Yola
    RT @wonderboibeats: @hollowdadon is always the realist interacting with his fans. #salute 2u my guy. Bout 2 tell wifey 2buy me a LOM shirt …
  • #ShrugLord July 19th
    Consistency always win in the end
  • Mook.
    Happy g day to my brother for life @aint_i . U see me u see him. Same niggas. Day 1 niggas. 25 years in https://t.co/mhflOmh9RM
  • Mook.
    RT @DaBeatm8ker2003: @MurdaMookez this shit in I never seen Battle rappers damn near form a UNION against 1 nigga!!!!! Fuck dat! Let's go …
  • FŁÉÀonardo DiCaprio
    RT @casino183rd: @Pebbz30530 Brevard's Battle Arena Exclusive Interview with @CORTEZ_HSP https://t.co/SwAoimOFIL #salute #murdaavegang #bat…
  • BIGT
    Swerve https://t.co/TXEvJnUZFb
  • D.N.A™
    RT @tmilly413: NW🙅🏽 #gtfoh #zipemup or nothing rt #no1issafe @DNA_GTFOH @_kay_shine http://t.co/TnEUN9exEH