Tay Roc Recaps his Battle With JC



  • RogerBliddack

    Cotdamn, when will URL stop fukkin posting ‘recaps’ BEFORE they post the actual battle?

    C’mon son.

    ESPN NEVER airs ‘post-game’ player interviews… WEEKS BEFORE… they televise the actual game. (Take notes. Or just take a ‘Broadcasting 101’ class. It’s 2014… Catch up.)

    Smack, just change this video title to ‘SPOILER ALERT’… and call it what it REALLY is. This is ridiculous and so ass backwards, it’s shameful.

  • Omega

    you niggas WILL stop sleeping on tay roc

    hes the most consistant in URL….if he not in your top 5 kill yaself
    shame on any nigga that said jc would kill tay roc…you fuckin serious?

  • when are they dropping this shit? the lil homie tay roc straight killin niggaz

  • Carl Sackey

    tay moving like swave

  • InTheClouds856

    Reality is startin to hit JC


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  • D.N.A™
    It’s Round 1 Its Getting Hot In Here .... Since They Made The Fight A Draw Y’all Know My Slogan
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    Last 3 rounds for AB been MAJOR work!!!!
  • The Last Don
    Is AB catching a body or what?
  • #BallGame✌
    They throwing hands I see..