Tay Roc Vs JC Recap {CjCiTy}

CjCity Sits down to recap the Tay Roc Vs JC battle, the recycling and the tay roc twitter beef with Joe Budden



  • pj kidd

    this be that bs I be talkin bout… cuz the nigga used his bars for tay that’s a loss automatically ??? yeah right, not if that other battle wasn’t gonna drop

  • chatroomgoon

    Another lame ass recap tho

  • Niyon

    you recycle the bars that jc did because he takes every battle serious i dont think he cares who he battles he writes the same when he took someone light he got killed by a nobody which was 100 bullets. Jc won in my eyes jc 2-1 word play much better bars much better flow much better but he is write jc needs to come down off his high horse a little and start punching a little more

  • murlin

    niggaz dont feel like unlockin puzzles to fuck wit a nigga bars….just cause certain shit makes sence doesnt mean that shit is gonna have niggaz up in arms..sometimes it comes down to real nigga shit and i dont beleive shit jc got to say

  • ko

    So you believe what tay ROC says. That nigga from Baltimore and joined clicks with dot mob. Real street niggas don’t join clicks of niggas you don’t know for at least years. Battle rappers are like wrestlers. None of the shit is real it’s entertainment.

    • elroy

      tay rock aint from Baltimore that from prince georges county maryland

  • Sebastian

    Jc 2-1

  • jawz

    the same shit they did with clips, surf had the better bars. every thing clips spit the crowd hyped it up.

  • Cozzo36

    Yep thats it. Another boring review. Bring on angryfan!!!


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