Tay Rock vs ILL WILL (who really won – Unbias Review)


  • clash

    I agree, but that bannana clip line wasn’t suppose to be crazy dope just funny.. I was in tears.. Tay tay 2-1

  • Justsayin

    I’m sorry but if Math is banned from the URL stage he should also be banned from URLTV.TV. if you put math in your video then you shouldnt be allowed to post your video on the site. I’m dead serious. math is not good for the culture so we should not shine any light on him. end of story.

    • dasher

      i agree

    • Marcus Culpepper

      hell yea! they’re black balling the shit out of Daylyt right now for postin videos but this guy math can fuck up an entire event and still get shine on urltv smh thats fucked up.

  • ohgod

    I hope niggas dont hate on Ill will for the stumbles. URL needs new blood. He a good battle rapper give the nigga support. It’s his first appearance on a big stage. He will come good. show support y’all.

  • barondebxl

    ROC 2-1.

  • joenough

    Even with the stubbles ill will won

    • kevin

      slap yourself

  • imhere

    That banana clip line was rea off the strength he not trying to rhyme,drop no punchline or compare the shit. Ever seen a real banana clip? There’s nothing realer than that to compare it to. Roc style is perfect for url. Every four bars its a punchline, crowd love that shit, he projects his voice well and he is likable. Even if he doesn’t say complex bars and spit his raps clean, he will get high marks. Ill Will may be a better talent but should be better w/ experience. That night roc performed.

  • Eskino

    The banana clip line was hard as hell becuz niggas always compare shit to other shit he was saying nigga this shit looks like exactly what it is that’s what made it dope

  • Omega




    ILL WON THAT! 2-1

  • dasher

    Looking at this video in the beginning, it look like math fuck wit trannies.
    Niggaz givin math all this light, son aint gonna learn shit from the dumb ass shit he be doing. Unbias you suck dick from the back just for helping math shine. He should be erased from the whole battle world until next year september.

  • Mone

    Chris buggin’. Roc smoked that nigga. Will been coastin’ since his Alcatraz Battle. Thinking he can get by on agression and jokes. ~ Bars over bull shit.

    • ArkansasBlacc

      You hit the nail on the head mone tay tay 3-0 from my perspective

  • jaystrizz

    i hope that he aint getting paid for this review was kinda accurate but dont like the fact that taking credit away from rock i thought he had good energy btw im not a tay rock fan but i have to give respect where its do

  • Gee

    that banana clip line was not gas..shit was hard he basically said fucc all them fairy tale similes other cats do comparing a banana clip to other long shit *pause* shit look like a banana clip and dat alone leave niggaz shook up..i don’t kno wat type of bars y’all soft niggaz like hearing but dat was tuff

  • Lmao

    I don’t trust anything a nigga says that has a mini corn dog mustache…

  • Wsmerrick


  • rogerhayes1993

    The banana clip bar wasn’t gassed it was just the fact that everyone was expecting him to do something like aye verb “Elvis Move” but the fact that he was like fuck that shit this banana clip look like a banana clip and none of that animated shit is what made the bar great

  • YaBishhhh

    Weak ass emotional ass nigga. Mad other cats made a Facebook group lmao.


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