TayRoc, Ransom, Hitchcock, Mike Classic – Power105.1 Presidential Cipher

Before Clips VS Roc on the Lions Den, Tay Roc was putting in the work with Jersey Native Ransom. Tay Roc was on several Ransom mixtapes before making the full transition into battle rap. Catch the A-Team reunited With Tay Roc & Mike classic  full interview & freestyle Cypher presented by Cavelife Tv.


  • thrillz

    put the instrumental of drake cream now im in shit cool roc got them bars he hungry

  • Gee

    Damn dis my first time hearin Hitchcocc since he drop that verse on budden “family reunion” tracc..shit was hard I hope son bac

  • Anonymous

    loaded lux vs calicoe painting http://etsy.me/1lqs621


    Roc reused some barz in the beginning albeit still a dope drop but all this jc witch hunt needs to stop. all emcees reuse….mean cypher

    • capsstuck

      listen jc, this is not a battle, they are no rules in a cypher, a cypher is free, meaning not paying for it, in a battle how you gona use lyrics in one battle get paid, then use the same lyrics in another battle and get paid again?

  • Top flight

    This is a perfect fit this shit reminded me when jay z had the roc spitting in the radio station in NYC. Can’t wait for the mixtape.

  • wackasscommentsection

    roc and ransom got a few tracks together

  • red rifle

    niggas talking all through rocs verse..bum ass niggas.. and where is the beat fck

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    roc does not belong wit the A-Team at all his bars where too weak stick to battling

    • 7sup

      hi hater!

  • illgotten

    a-team is back…hungry niggaz good shit good shit…respect


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