Tech 9 – Boyz in the Hood (DAYLYT DISS SONG)

Tech 9 Fires Some Shots at Daylyt in his New Song

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  • Kev

    This shit fire Tech!

  • barondebxl

    The beat is the only thing fire about this.

  • DarealestquotesEva

    this crack

  • jimmy morris


  • King

    This shit is horrible

    • JRAR215

      trippin he went inn

      • Roz the poet


  • Waka

    dis dis is discusting

  • Pappy Mason

    This shit hard

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Shooting in court like I’m playing ball-Hard as fuck!

  • Dareaper

    Shit decent TECH

  • JRAR215

    Lol this nigga got day the fuck outta here!!! 215

  • tochef

    Tech 9 went hard!

  • KingBKings

    Get em the fuck outta here

  • rook313

    this shit is allright

  • cypha

    shit is nice tho

  • BottomLine

    I said it once imma say it again Tech 9 is one of the few battle rappers that can rap on a Beat!! Most of the top battle rappers sound horrible on a beat! Two in particular Calico and Hollow!! They are Beast on the Battle Rap Ish but on a beat FOH!! #jmo

  • Mike Wilson

    Terrible, stick to plagiarizing.

  • Spike

    Tech, good job w/this song. I can listen to this in my iPod.

  • Kelly Kals

    Tech 9 body this nigga .

  • neallive


  • Cooly Bop

    Snapped on that niqqa like somebody need too … On stage with a thong ! Fuck outta here !

  • Bob

    Get Tech 9 Back, DayLYT not wanted ( Office of President)

  • gabeano

    i like dis jawn ole boy

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