The Best of Battle Rap – Pat Stay (Part 1) | Ft Bars vs TheSaurus, Math Hoffa, Arcane, Hollohan +

JSP Media brings you the best Bars/Punchlines of the King of the Dot Champion Pat Stay. Pat Stay is one of the best in the business, and this video shows you exactly why.

Footage in this video comes from the following battles, which do not belong to me.

Pat Stay Vs Marvwon

Pat Stay Vs Hollohan

Pat Stay Vs TheSaurus

Pat Stay Vs Math Hoffa

Pat Stay Vs Jimmy Pistol

Pat Stay Vs Arcane

Pat Stay Vs Arsonal

Pat Stay Vs Head Ice

source : JSP Media


  • G0ldMember

    pat stay is the top dawg in KOTD

  • theurlrepublic

    discuss battles here @nine5for:disqus

  • Food4thought

    Pat stay will do better than dizaster on a url stage.


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