40oz WiLL on Twitter   Y all just restored my faith in battle rap humanity wit this double impact card  urltv Alex Trillbek on Twitter    DoubleImpact got me so hype. Surf and Roc going to to go crazy  urltv

Bailey Davis on Twitter   YOOO  urltv proving they the best league in the world  DNA_GTFOH  chillajones https 8EsEW5K285 Biggs on Twitter    ReturnOfTheOriginalBully  mathhoffa  BrooklynsOwn  WelcomeBackToTheMainStage  NYB  urltv  CantCopyRespect https NwMsJjrGj2 D2G  SSLW on Twitter   AYYYYOOOO      SMACKWHITE  urltv        DOUBLEIMPACT is your Best card yet           You did it to em this time Dabias DJ Johnson on Twitter    urltv got some dope cards coming up. Born legacy 2 and Douple Impact. I see you  SMACKWHITE Dex on Twitter    urltv spectacular lineup in March    Only YOU GUYS COULD SET THIS UP    RESPECT Frenico on Twitter   How the hell did  urltv pull this card off ImWavyBitch       on Twitter   Nahhhh  urltv  SMACKWHITE  Beasleynyc got 2016 on lock with these two events comin up I know nome an summer madness is gonna extra Marcos on Twitter   Son...Yung ill is back.  DoubleImpact  URLtv https YjNMYwX47D MRSSoMuch on Twitter    urltv all of my favs on one card  Checking flight arrangements from KC to NY now Oprah Husband on Twitter    urltv is unbelievable       DoubleImpact Swen Diggler on Twitter   This is about to be epic  urltv https rtZKMytWHG Tra Viz Lewis on Twitter    urltv  SMACKWHITE  streetstarnorbe YOOOOOOOO THIS DOUBLE IMPACT YALL GREATEST FUCCIN CARD EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR

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