The Infamous Life: Havoc on Meeting Prodigy, Creating Shook Ones and Mobb Deep’s Legacy

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Ever since the tragic passing of Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, the MASS APPEAL family has tried to walk the line between paying tribute to his legacy and respecting the privacy of his close associates.

After seeing Havoc’s surprise appearance at the recent Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest where he performed three classics from Mobb Deep’s catalog, we thought he might be ready to speak on his recently deceased friend and rhyme partner, Prodigy.

Earlier this week, Havoc stopped by MASS APPEAL HQ to reflect on meeting Prodigy when they were teenage classmates. Prodigy made an impression on Havoc even before he saw him, because he could hear P’s jewelry clinking as he walked down the hall.

“I was more careful, he was more of a risk taker,” Havoc recalls. “I was the voice of reason sometimes in his head.”

Havoc also shared his feelings about all the tributes to Mobb Deep that have been shared following Prodigy’s death, despite the group being underrated while both members were alive. “To be honest, the outpouring of support due to this event felt bittersweet,” Havoc says. “Sometimes we wanted to get a feature from a certain artist, and we couldn’t get a phone call or a text message back.”

He also spoke on the defacing of Prodigy’s memorial wall. “It’s very, very selfish at the end of the day. But I’m over it for the simple fact that I’m not gonna let them win and have me walking around here hurt.”

Check out the full interview up top.

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