The LOX Perform Live on Sway in the Morning’s In-Studio Concert Series

“Feels f**cking great… for hip hop,” said Styles P, on Sway in the Morning, when asked about how it feels to drop an EP with The LOX.
Jadakiss, Sheek Louch & Styles P, one of the most solid groups in hip hop, stepped foot in our Live In-Studio Concert Series and performed Faded & Talk About It, off their recent EP, The Trinity.
While in-studio, they also opened up about their lowest moment in hip hop, & spoke about what they would do if the music industry tried to make them compromise their integrity.
Find out what they said, in Sway in the Morning’s interview, above. Cop their latest project, The Trinity HERE — plus, catch them on Sway’s red couch today MTV’s RapFix Live at 4pm ET.
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  • yung

    the lox

    • Anonymous

      da new worldstar

  • k9


  • Anonymous

    wtf is the lox?….naaaah sike!
    glad they are back on their stuff… ahhhheeee


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