The New Top-Tier: There will come a time when top tier MCs will have battled everyone that’s top-tier.Then what?”

The War-Room is back! Eddie drops with another write-up on top tier Mc’s running from new prominent battlers!

“What can sell the most tickets? Who can fill up this building?” Daylyt says pointedly on URL Battle Rap Arena, an Internet radio show that broadcasts Battle Rap news. Day was referring to why Battle Rap leagues fill their cards with top-tier battle MCs and not up-and-coming battle MCs for marquee events. The Battle Rap industry is not that different from any other lucrative business. Let’s compare it to the recording industry. On the right you have artist A, who has raw talent, is lyrical, but lacks marketability and media savvy. On the left you have artist B, who has average talent and lyrics, but is extremely marketable and media savvy. Artist B is your marquee talent. B, is the one who will sell out arenas, get endorsements with leading brands, and make the company rich. While artist A is more talented, he just doesn’t have the star appeal. It all comes down to dollars and sense when running a business and Battle Rap is beginning to experience these growing pains in large measure, due to a new mainstream audience that never had their feet planted firmly in Battle Rap’s roots.

I can understand Daylyt’s frustration. He is one of many great MCs that can’t get a top-tier battle on URL that will give him more exposure, never mind his strategic antics to bring him more attention. There hasn’t been a classic top-tier battle in, well, I can’t remember. Ok, maybe Big T vs Tsu Surf? I’m excluding Loaded Lux and Calicoe because Calicoe didn’t put on a classic performance. The question then becomes, when will the playing field be evened?

There was a time when a battle MC was judged on his lyrical prowess and not on marketability and performance. This was in the days of MCs like Eddie Morris and Party Arty, but those days were before Battle Rap became an Internet sensation, when camera presence wasn’t deemed a vital skill for persuading crowd approval. Now the game has changed, significantly. MCs like Hitman Holla, Arsonal and Conceited have taken the industry by storm with electrifying stage presence and their ability to captivate audiences that number in the thousands. This is not all bad because it has given MCs the opportunity to be apart of nationally televised programs like MTV2′s “Nick Cannon Presents: Wildin’ Out”, but it compromises lyrical substance to watered down wordplay and emphasized showmanship that appeals, mostly, to newer mainstream fans, and not Battle Rap purists.

There are a slew of new generation MCs; Daylyt, JC, Ill Will, M. Ciddy, Young Kannon, Lotta Zay, and Danja Zone, who are more than capable of giving any top-tier battle rapper a run for their money. Most of the top battles from last year and this year have been from mid-tier battle rappers. JC vs Chilla Jones, Young Kannon vs M. Ciddy, Daylyt vs KG the Poet, Daylyt vs Lotta Zay, Ill Will vs Johnnie Alcatraz, Young Kannon vs Danja Zone, and Lotta Zay vs Syah Boy. Allow me to continue with a list of MCs who are edging top-tier status. Chilla Jones vs B-Magic, B-Magic vs Tay Roc, and any O-Red battle in the past year. These battles may not have as much views as a top-tier battle and the MCs may not possess the star quality polish, but what they do possess is the spirit of Battle Rap. They possess the fierce, ego-driven competitive nature that gets us fired up and the intricate wordplay that makes us pull back the play bar on our YouTube viewers. Plus, the replay value on these battles are crazy!
The Perceived Threat

It makes perfect sense for top-tier MCs to avoid mid-tier MCs. For one thing, it threatens their position if they stand to lose. Secondly, they’d much rather get beat by another top-tier MC as opposed to a mid-tier MC, because the risk of losing their status at the top is significantly lower. Let’s take a look at Aye Verb and Math Hoffa, for example, who are without a doubt top-tier MCs. In Summer Madness 1 they faced, then mid-tier MCs, Charlie Clips and Calicoe. To the surprise of most fans, Clips and Calicoe annihilated them. That was in the summer of 2011 and it took some time for Verb and Hoffa to get back in the good graces of fans. Ducking battles that could potentially lessen top-tier status is a calculated move to protect their brands. Most battle rappers will never make it as a recording artist so making sure that they remain in a top position is of the utmost importance.

Aye Verb recently created a vlog aimed at the new generation MCs, where he takes a “guns and butter” approach, in an attempt to school the new school. In the vlog he rambles off a few reasons why new generation MCs aren’t better than current top-tier MCs. His main reason for them not being apt to handle being at the top is because they have yet to battle anyone that is top-tier. His logic is dismissive and it creates the perfect excuse for a top-tier MC to not take a battle. Verb’s shallow perspective measures an MCs value based on their status as opposed to their ability. Another one of his reasons is that new generation MCs don’t have the polish needed to be stars. He has a point. In an era where Battle Rap star power is determined by performance, the new generation lacks this quality. What Verb doesn’t understand is that these new generation MCs don’t care about being the most polished, they only care about lyrical substance, and if they have a large enough fan base that believes in what they’re doing, the climate in Battle Rap can be changed overnight. You can’t keep running away from what’s coming for you and a new generation is steadily paving a road for themselves that will eventually lead them straight to the top. Lastly, if the new generation wasn’t a perceived threat to top-tier status, Verb’s vlog would have never been made.

Let’s have some fun for a second. Imagine a night at the URL, where Smack and Beasley decide to host an event called “Road to Becoming Top-Tier”. You have one group of MCs who are hungry to move up and an opposing group of MCs fighting to hold on to the positions that they worked so hard for. In this battle everyone stands to lose everything. And the card reads…

T-Rex vs Lotta Zay

K-Shine vs JC

Aye Verb vs Ill Will

Yung Ill vs Daylyt

Hitman Holla vs Young Kannon

DNA vs M. Ciddy

With these match ups I don’t know who would win but I am sure that half of the battles that night would be classics. That equals more classics than the URL has produced for a marquee event in year. There would also be a lot of MCs who will lose their spots at the top.

The glory days of this era is nearing the end. Top-tier success has fattened Battle Rap’s elite and they’ve become too complacent. There will come a time when top tier MCs will have battled everyone that’s top-tier. Then what? Maybe, the answer to that question is that the new top-tier MCs exist right before our eyes and they may consist of the new generation MCs that I already named? Maybe, most of the current top-tier MCs have already run their course?

Eddie Bailey of Savoy Media Group, for War Room Sports



  • tick

    You can leave Daylyt out the conversation he done. Only person that takes him serious is his boyfriend.

  • JMH2235

    If they don’t battle the mid-tier and proven ground MCs, then battle rap will die

  • E-skino

    Ya niggas need to stop leaving o red out of these cards real shit I don’t give a fuck what nobody says o red been the nicest night out of jersey since the black haze battle he’s had a few slip ups but the quality he gives has no comparison O-red vs Ill Will would be the dopest battle for years to come smack put that together while these niggas are on there killing sprees

  • Winmath7

    I applaud this write up. Great perspective and TRUTH! URL needs an educated voice every now and then, thats not Beasley. Now lets analyze what dude Eddie Said..

    First I agree with what he said with the idea of “Top Teir” MC’s ducking lower MC’s, however lets be clear who is being ducked, or ducked worthy:.. for example Bmagic is being ducked…CLEARLY..NO DEBATING! JC is also being ducked. lets leave it at those two for right now. Both Magic and JC have the potential to beat any top teir (outside of Lux/mook) and fans want to see them. They have both put in alot of work and have impressive catalogs. Lets look at MC’s like Ill Will. Dude has 1 battle on in the hell does he get considered for being ducked. He hasnt even been to war with anyone in his class or in teh class before him. Lets see him in the ring with Lotta Zay or someone that will fight back, before we put in him the category of being ducked.

    Now lets move on to the idea of how we correct the problem of being ducked. Keeping it 100. Smack need to give greater incentive to MC’s that are ducking ppl. For example; The world wanna see Bmagic vs Conceited. But Con is clearly ducking bmagic. Now you can argue tis because he scared to take a ass whooping or he’s hiding behind his MTV fame or cause he wanna battle Cassidy. To get the greatest attention and the greatest effort outta both Con and magic ,Smack needa have the winner of Magic vs Con battle Cassidy. It makes sense for everybody, heres why. Magic clearly gotta bazooka ready for Con, and he needs to prove to the world he can beat Con. But Con neeeds the incentive of Cassidy to make is MTV fame worth it. Cassidy may not even entertain the battle but with the potential of battling someone like Con that is buzzin on TV right now, it’ll give the battle the hype it needs (if con beats magic) Battle rap needs someone with the crown of “best punchline mc” and this would give us that ability to say that. It works all the way around.

    Finally lets look at the card dude put together. I agree with some of the matchups but not all of them. My card would look like this:

    O red vs Big T
    Yung Ill vs Daylt
    Young Kannon vs DNA
    Jc vs K shine
    T rex vs Lotta Zay
    ill will vs aye verb
    John John vs Hollow
    Chilla vs Charlie Clips

    The fans needa take back control of battle rap and not allow top tier mcs to dictate what matches they take. A card like this will be a good step in that direction.

    • url judge

      I agree 100%. I think people are ducking big kannon also

  • Patrick Brenagh

    perfect write up

  • RUOfficialDOTcom

    I could not have said this better myself. Great article and I admire the professional writing. The fact of the matter is, just by evading these up and comer’s, the “top tier” (and I really dislike using that word) are making these mid-tiers look elite without ever having to battle them, so much so, that by time a card like this ever happens, favor will automatically be granted to the up and comers. The best time to maintain their position would be to challenge these artists while the wheels are turning and before the momentum builds to the point that even beating them would still still give them a greater advantage (the up and comers). Lets say someone like verb decided to take on an Ill Will, JC, etc.. and DEMOLISHED them, imagine what it would do to his resume’. Beating one of these up and comers provides more power to their arsenal then beating an elite. I would to see a card like the one mentioned above, THAT would have been the great SM card period. A main stage like that with EVERYTHING to lose. I felt the same way about Verbs vlog the moment he started attempting to “school” the new cats. It made him look weak, afraid, and using every excuse in the book to shy away from facing them. The next move will be the tops will attempt to “recruit” the up and comers to their teams to avoid ever having to face-off, pathetic.

  • A Realist

    1) I agree with the stance of the article in terms of the implication for the future of battle rap!
    2) But, I also agree with Verb about “mid tier/PG” cats not having a stage presence! Chilla Jones is a lyrical Ambien! Lotta and Ciddy’s battle was boring as hell except for a combined 45 seconds, maybe.
    3)Regarding your proposed card: You have to be more realistic – 3 of those would be brutal. JC has been moppin rappers up and K Shine been on the decline (save for his spanking of JJDD)… DNA would MURDER Ciddy… and Hitman would kill YK… I agree with a few other assessments to throw Red in the mix, as well as Real Deal, cuz they’ve both been on a roll
    4) In all JC already beat Ill and has the “it factor” to put on a show and bars to get in the ring wit anyone. Ill Will is beasty enough to go toe-to-toe with Verb. Daylyt is gifted and so unique that he can hold his own and/or persevere through a brutal showing. Even if his bars aint hittin, he will have you laughin offa some randomness..
    5. Excellent article

    • mista601

      I dont think anybody can count a uff battle as a url battle its so limited how can the be creative and give their all in that little time and they all had shortn notice as to who they were bbattling it was all promo to expand the url if u ask me and I understand the mc takin the battle for free exposure but all exposure is not good

  • Y Williams


  • Tim Fleming

    How You not gonna put Syah Boy down.
    Snofase Wiz

  • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

    ok cool

  • thomas

    m ciddy is trash no one wants to hear him replace m ciddy and young kannon with big kannon

  • pastorcomics

    dope card


    only one got a chance is Lotta Zay

    • mista601

      People keep sleepin on lotta zay I think hes the future of battle rap

  • jj

    nah,what about Arsonal vs Aye verb that wasa classic battle two top tier mc’s an that was last week.Holow vs Surf.Your distorting the truth to suit your arguement,M Ciddy,Danja Zone and Young Kannon aren’t ready to be top tier yet.

  • BLackHollyWoodJ

    have some fun for a second. Imagine a night at the URL, where Smack and
    Beasley decide to host an event called “Road to Becoming Top-Tier”. You
    have one group of MCs who are hungry to move up and an opposing group
    of MCs fighting to hold on to the positions that they worked so hard
    for. In this battle everyone stands to lose everything. And the card

    T-Rex vs Lotta Zay

    K-Shine vs JC

    Aye Verb vs Ill Will

    Yung Ill vs Daylyt

    Hitman Holla vs Young Kannon

    DNA vs M. Ciddy

    Calicoe vs Danja Zone

  • Organizeddysfunction3377

    Fuck Daylyte, seriously wtf does he bring to the culture he will never be top tier. Absolutely no BARZ all gimmicks, he would bring one of his homies on stage and suck his dick if he thought that would win him the battle.

  • yung sin

    ok I fill u but t-rex will body lotta zay k-shine will have better stage performance then jc but it will be close ill will would 2-1 verb yung ill will body daylyt hitman will body young kannon dna will 2-1 ciddy

    • mista601

      I guarantee t-rex will sleep on lotta and get bodied he dont have the originality and bars that lotta zay will bring champ…. #abbo

  • mista601

    Url staff need to copy and paste that card right there it may be the card that avoids them from being like the other leagues that are in the graveyard now real rap..

  • Champ da God

    That’s true if they did do it like that, us the fans would really see who holding they position Fuck a performance, yeah that plays a part but we well i know i do i wanna hear bars and i ain’t talking bout that water- whipped ass shit ya dig ,let them young niggas shine ya dig ,Say Smack givethe people what they wan
    t and stop bullshitting and make that shit happen, the ball in y’all court. Y’all know what need to be done, peace !!!!!


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