The Rapfest | Series 6 | Bizzy Crook, Mickey Factz & Maffew Ragazino

Mickey Factz, hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop, rips the beat to shreds and hands it off to Rapfest’s Up Next artist Maffew Ragazino & Bizzy Crook from Magic City.



  • JMH2235

    Chilla 2-1 0r 3-0: he sitting on too many bars since magic and he more lyrically to me.
    Magic 2-1 or 3-0: Clips peaked against Tay Roc and went down hill with every battle except X-factor.
    K Shine and Big T either way
    Hitman 2-1: I was impressed with him in the Math battle.
    Diz 2-1: He great when he prepares and will be ready for his first Smack card.
    Hollow 3-0: Surf is overrated to me and Hollow sitting on so many bars. Nigga been writing in jail also. It’s gon be bad

    • JAWZ

      Hollow 3-0″ You a funny bitch, Hollow is corney as fuck,3-0, GTFOH.

      • K9 aka 40BoY

        yeah 3-0 nicca
        i said that shit to hoe

      • Neners

        yea 3-0 Tsu squeaky voice gonna get murked

  • Jessierican

    Thats not a fitted Norbes smh…

    • rexchap

      He’s a fat corny cat, what did you expect? Fitted?? ROFLMAO!!!! He don’t even know what a fitted is…DAMN SHAME!!!!!

  • Henry Xcels

    I got chilla, Magic, HIT and CON debatable, Diz, Hollow and Big T and K shine Debatable

  • K9 aka 40BoY

    Big T vs K Shine… T 2-1 maybe 3-0 Yall talking bout sitting on bars.. T hasnt battles since he killed Surf, Truly i thank JJDD beat shine 2-1..

    Chilla Vs Dna.. Yea i like DNA he one of my favs but Chilla 2-1 he wont body bag DNA.. thats ah fact, DNA knew he was going to battle chilla sooner than later he said so his self.. itll be a good battle not the best of the night but a 2-1.. DnA may take 2nd round haha.. yep..

    Magic Vs. Clips… Stop bullshitting wit me saying that clips is gone loose..who has clips lost to yet??? not no debatable (big t in chicago).. but who beat him?? not verb, not X, not serious, nobody.. so magic not, magic has no performance let alone freestyle ability.. what he gone do name flip clips to death… i cant see it. 3-0 clips.

    Hitman vs Con… Con got him lyrically or bar wise but to me, hitman has it all, including performance so ill give it too hitman 2-1, thatll be a aighttttt battle tho..

    Diz Vs Rex.. not to much to say on this point but i may go toward Diz, but Rex said he got some jones up his sleeve.. but still ima say Diz 2-1.

    Tsu vs Hollow….hahahaha Hollow 3-0!!!! easy, This gone be him vs. Big T Hollow or better then that maybe ed Hollow u seen mixed.. i dont think Tsu ready for this battle, all his battles been debatable ones, well except for the big t battle which surf lost.. Hollow gone Eat buddy up..Pause that if yall think trifling.. fuck sitting on bars how yall say, he gon chew em up regardless dont matter.. 3-0!! easy maybe the clearest victory of the night..

    Eh Yo Big T.. have all the Chi Citi Niccas on Stage Wit u !! L’s

  • K9 aka 40BoY

    so Ima dumb it down foe y’all .. the most debatable one maybe DnA vs Chilla cuz they both similar.. and anticipated this matchup.. but like i said

    Big T
    AND Come Summer Madness Put Big Kannon On The Card.. Gratitude

    • Jamal

      summer madness aint bout talent its about your buzz going into the event..kannon dont got the buzz but he def talented enough

  • JAWZ

    NIGGAZ BE HATING ON SURF, SURF 3-0, KILL [email protected] BOY SURF.

    • Jamal

      surf has never 3-0 anyone so why would you think he would 3-0 hollow? just saying…its just gonna be a debatable battle like all the rest of his jawns

  • chrisstayfly

    hollow 2-1
    k shine 3-0


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