THE REALNESS: Kendrick is the King Right Now!

Rosenberg kicks the realness on the top 3 reason people are talking about Kendrick’s verse on Control.


  • rexchap

    Who gives a fuck about a wack ass callin out other wack asses? If you’re going to call out somebody on a wack ass track, at the very LEAST, catch the beat and flow! Garbage ass verse, on a garbage ass song! Fuck A Kendrick Lamar, another Country Nigga!

    • Florida Boy

      God Damn Rex why u so mad at us “Country Folk?” (K Dot a Cali nigga anyway…all the way down to his tube socks)….Kendrick snapped on that track and he got mainstream rap competitive again like we want it right??? If u gone be mad at somebody be mad at Fred Da Godson weak ass response

    • Stop It Rex, 4 Real Stop It

      Wow u one hatin ass nigga. u suck Tech 9 dick talking bout how raw he is and then u say kendrick wack. yo im from NY and i love NY to the heart but u making us look bad with all that hating on the south. Yeah we think we better than them but we dont got to hate on them like that come on man stop it. give props when props due and kendrick earned it. its one thing if u say his verse wasnt all that but no way can u call it trash

      • rexchap

        TRASH…a wack nigga callin out WACK niggas! Simple and plain!

    • WOW

      u are a true bitter bitch

      • rexchap

        Whateva nigga, i call it like i see it!

  • Witeboipr

    Real talk NY is da livest and Kendrick is no where near a bum nigga is definitely on a come up and till someone see him which I’m doubting very much right now da dude is doing him point blank its not where you from is where you at and homie is smashing em

  • FAMP

    Kendrick is doing the same thing 50 cent did.. think about it..

  • sampirlo

    Jigga & Nas are the only can mess with Lama! am not trying to far but at this moment I think he would end both career and yes Kendrick Lamar is now the King

  • Chosen15

    King of NY foh fab will blow dis nigga out the water Kendrick on a jermaine cole power trip

    • C Bo

      Fab time has come and gone# Kendrick already is doing his numbers# waiting on Pusha T…only nigga who can talk that crack to him

  • C Bo

    Props to Kendrick…new king….but im waiting on Pusha T response

  • em1o1bb

    Im jus not really impressd wit all this, all it did was bring out all the bum rappers, only niggas that couldve mad3 this interesting was dblock, and th3y didn’t even care, yea ill pass on this weak shit, someone wake me up w3n its over


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