The Source | Chuck D And Hot 97 Are In A War Of Words, Rosenberg Speaks

Chuck D

This years Summer Jam was by all accounts, save for Slowbucks, a great time and a healthy moment for hip hop, fans and media alike. However, while everyone was in a state of euphoria and feeling chum, one legend wanted nothing to do with the festival; in fact, he renounced it as deplorable. Chuck D, a godfather and pioneer of the game, took to twitter to sound off on what he claimed was a disingenuous use of hip hop. He claimed that the festival and the radio station that hosted it, Hot 97, were having a negative impact on the culture. “What a sloppy fiasco (the station) has made of hip hop.”

Chuck D found the flagrant use of the N-Word abhorrent and thought that there this attitude needs to change in the mindset of everyone involved.

Chuck D Tweet

However, Hot 97 didn’t take his words sitting down. Today, Peter Rosenberg dedicated his “The Realness” segment to the feud, responding to Chuck D with some heavy words. While he did admit that he is a fan and has nothing but respect for the emcee, but he never elected D “President of Hip Hop.” He claimed that the pioneer was just trolling online and should actually leave the computer to help hip hop.

Chuck D has returned to his computer though, in response to Rosenberg. This is an ongoing story, so keep your eyes glued to his twitter page. Check back here fore all of your updates.

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