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Rap lyrics will be the primary focus of arguments before New Jersey’s Supreme Court in the case of a New Jersey man convicted of attempted murder.

New Jersey resident, Vonte Skinner, whose rap lyrics declared that he would “blow your face off and leave your brain caved in the street,” is set to have his case for attempted murder considered by New Jersey’s Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will then go on to determine whether the rap lyrics he composed should have been acknowledged at the trial.

Convicted on charges of shooting a fellow drug dealer back in 2005, Skinner’s conviction was reversed on appeal once prosecutors recited Skinner’s lyrics to jurors. According to My Fox NY, Skinner’s lyrics spoke of ‘shootings, knifings and rapes.’

Two of three appellate judges came to an agreement about Skinner’s lyrics having no personal connection to the crimes Skinner allegedly committed and should not have been allowed into the trial due to the fact that some of the lyrics had been written years prior. The differing judge believes that the original trial judge accurately allowed the lyrics because they indicated motive and intent.

Skinner’s case is to be argued in front of the Supreme Court in Trenton today.

– Antionette Latrese (@_ALatrese)

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