ThrowBack Thursday Jin Vs Verse | Classic Smack

Where it all started before The Stage .
Here is a classic battle between Jin And Verse On SMACK DVD

by @TheShyneLife


  • Swagg

    Lmao at slow it down I just dissed you

  • Echo 5

    Con 2-1 lol

  • barondebxl

    Nick Cannon got Got his ass whooped

  • Florida Boy

    Lol ay Nick fought back

  • islandboi340

    get dat nigga reeeeeex!!!…….. aint got shit 2 with this, but that shit fun 2 say

  • hackgost

    will def check this out tomorrow lol.

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    lmao.. i gotta see this

  • Mr.Ha Ha

    lol nice ,,,, and wasn’t that emmanuel and phillip hudson behind Nick??? Didn’t know dey was on d show

    • Supa Grover

      why u askin all dem questions?

      • Mr.Ha Ha

        Questions is plural ,,,I ask a question ,,,,get yo facts right b4 commenting on my shit fuck boi

        • This guy

          Mr ha ha i wonder if you will feel stupid after realizing why you asking all them questions is a song emmanuel hudson did with spoken reasons as a comedy skit… stop trying to be tough all the damn time

  • hackgost

    Con won all 3 rounds… lmaoooooo

  • Supa Grover

    its a good look for Con!

  • Hood Movies

    “slow it down I just dissed you” wow, and Ebro says Battle rap is boring! but clearly everybody who is anybody watches it.

  • Ray Black

    His funny joke tellin ass belong on Wild n out, might do something for the ratings in the hood


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