TJ Mizell x Jay Z – J Train to Marcy Official Video

This video incorporates an end-to-end experience, where TJ Mizell is DJing impromptu on the J train in front of local New Yorkers. The video includes an ultimate hustle of trying to get electricity from a car battery all the way through to carrying the equipment into the subway during rush hour traffic. He crosses the Williamsburg bridge into Brooklyn (Marcy Ave) and finishes the routine, which is a dedication to Jay Z. The music includes a Trap remix of “Tom Ford (Benzi Remix)” and “Show Me What You Got (DJ Green Lantern Remix)”.

@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101



    real hiphop, taking it back to the roots. Mean.

  • Dat nicca ct

    jam master jay miss you king. rest in peace


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