We know this is old but since its the new year we wanted to remember all the good bars the the URL brand has brought to you over the year of 2013 and the bars we look forward to bringing you for 2014

shout out to BattleRap Countdown


  • Anonymous

    The music sucks. We came to here Barz.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman bar was trash smh

  • Emoneybagz

    You reaching son calling hitmans bar trash. They shoulda put rex’s bar addressing his stolen chain vs math. “I lost my chain, he lost his life, that’s what I call a chain reaction”

  • DC

    Whoever put this compilation together must not have watched every battle in 2013. Damn near every punchline shown was pulled from 2 battles smh…

  • Fred

    Dose bar should have been number one cause out of all those bars you had up his was the truth….

  • Stayinyolane

    if hitman’s bar was trash, he was able to deliver it to make it sound like it was fire. That’s what separates him from the rest. Bottom line, delivery and performance count too!

  • Anonymous

    All this shit was kool, fck tha bakground musik tho n tell norbes, smakk, or beasley bitch ass to drop the fukkin battle already shit was spose been out yesterday b jc vs tay rok

  • Anonymous

    Was the background music needed?

  • Guest101

    K-shine with the “conscious of drago” was the bar of the year

  • Anonymous

    Big t bunny ears line “classic”

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but Big T should have got number one with that bunny ears line and second should have went to Sno for that marshall law line.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not reaching other battle rap bars were wayyyy better then that bar the battle with jc vs chilla jones either one of them could have been number 1 b magic bar against DNA easy number one even the bar against Tay roc and b magic the Mount Rushmore scheme smh plenty more from other battlers

  • Therealestcritic

    that hitman bar does not deserve number 1. maybe on the top performance bars of 2013, but not punchlines. way better lines than that

  • JCash

    How in the hell did they make a list and not put at least 3 tone montana bars from any 3 of his url battles this year???
    Battle with zay?
    What he did to danja zone??
    Rooftop shit with cashis?
    Dude said some of the illest shit I heard in battle rap this year and y’all gave surf and hollow all that damn air time??
    Stop it 5!!!

  • blueprintbr

    Lotta zay at #4 was the sickest…

  • http://deleted what about daylyt

    no daylyt on here. are u kidding me. damn hes obviously going over most all of you people’s heads. daylyt is a fukcking alien. really. wayne doesent deserve that title.

  • smoove

    calicoe..they going both ways im letting my guns be bi guns

  • yannaforgovernor

    no shine bars ? shit you crazy smack


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