Top 5 battle rappers that ” Fell Off ” for 2013

Unbias Review takes a look at 5 battle arppers that had a bad 2013 and need to rebound in 2014. This is not a diss video….just constructive criticism. Follow me on twitter, facebook. Unbias Review Rap Battle Debates


  • dboy31

    I agree with a lot of this but x factor personal life u shouldn’t have included somethings u just don’t talk about let him deal with that

  • what the hell url?

    30 minutes long hell no. oh yeah fuck this new comment section

  • EMoneybagz

    @DBOY31, I agree that shit is mad corny. Especially because it involves a child. some people have no soul, but if some shit happens to them they want privacy.

  • Tonymontana

    First, Shit is already on media takeout. Second you are the same losers that will be giggling like bitches when x gets hit with multiple personals on the topic. Third I have heard factor speak on people’s personal shit numerous times in battles. Battles get 100 times the views as these vlogs.


    Yo the new Comment section is wack my nigga, shit need to get 3-0 Bodybagged real rap!!!!!

  • Armoni

    Arsonal vs dizaster was the best battle of the year so he shouldn’t be on this list

  • Cozzo36

    Chris u dissapointed me with that childish comment, for a sec i thought u was a proper unbiased interviewer but u saying a man has fell off of his profession becoz he was being a stand up man and taking care of wat he thought was his son, thats just plain sneek dissin if u ask me. If x factor had ten kids that wasnt his would still not matter as he fell off becoz he just wasnt hot anymore!!!! Jerk

  • Cozzo36

    Lol. Chris dont look nothing like drake!! See his proud face wen he said people think he looks like drake!!!so funny
    Now danny myers then i can see that!! They look like brothers

  • Smh

    Damn n I actually liked this dude 2. People a get on cam n say anything for some views. Speaking on any and down falls is some hater/girl shit! Niggas don’t do that. I’m sure he got better things to do then sit n worry about what the next man is doing wrong. Shit crazy

  • sd

    how you gone call yourself unbias review…and be bias as fuck..? who died and made this nigga smack or Beasley??

  • This Dude

    so let me get this str8 dudes’ personal lives and activities outside battle rap equate to falling off. conceited did what he was suppose to do, battle rap, get big, and live the shit behind, but i ain’t gone lye he was slick issuing fades on them niggas on the low. “how you lose with a cheat sheet”

  • damn

    “anytime you in subway doing interviews with a knot on your head, it was a bad year” shit he ain’t lying.

  • Anonymous

    What do crackers have to with battle rap culture…. man I will never watch these pecker woods battle


    DIZASTER, CORTEZ these wack culture vultures man please.


    please stop saying these lame crackers apart of this culture. fuck drake that half breed mutt

  • Yung ill fan

    the homie did fall off this yard and hard….

  • Linta

    yung ill? you wrong, yung ill is still great.

  • Linta

    DNA is wack.

  • ina



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