Total Slaughter Battle Series Announced By Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse went on MTV’s RapFix Live today, to announce the Total Slaughter Battle Series from Shady Records. This includes the Road To Total Slaughter Tournament, where 8 of the biggest battle rappers in the game, will face each other to earn a spot on the first Total Slaughter Battle Series card.


  • ohgod

    this video is unavailable at your location? GTFOUTTA here. I can’t view any of these Slaughter videos. Can someone upload it on youtube, please? I haven’t even watched the mook/Lux trading bars video. Maaaan. Help a nigga out, fam.

  • Nevathat

    Yo i’ve never heard any of these Slaughterhouse dudes involved with any battle rap and now all of a sudden they doing this show on MTV? Just cuz you under Em doesn’t mean you get respect. Like Smack said, you can’t copy respect!! Get off the %uckin’ bandwagon lames.

    • Leekluv216

      Crooked I, Joe Budden, and Royce are all known for battle rap bruh. If you care, Youtube them you wont find actual battles however many battle tracks of them individually versus other well known industry rappers. Joe Budden battled GAME, Ranson, Mobb Deep, G-UNIT, Method Man, Royce (before they became friends) and a few others. I only know because he has been in my top 5 from day 1. Lyrically you wont find too many that can see the bull…

      • GoldenEra4eva

        You can’t sleep on Joel Ortiz either . If anyone wants an example go listen to “battle cry” by Joel or better yet watch the video.

      • Nevathat

        Okay so I checked out Joe Budden battles on youtube and yeah they mostly industry type beefs really. So maybe they do have some involvment but i’m still not feelin’ this ^hit, these dudes are industry. At least Diddy and Busta showed up to Summer Madness…where the &uck were these dudes

        • Leekluv216

          To each his own my g, I am not trying to make you a believer I was simply letting you know he and the others are well involved in battle rapping. Maybe not SMACK or these other spots but where do you think the idea of battle rapping came from????? (waittttt for it….) The Industry bruh.

          I’ll put $$$ on it, if Joe ever battle Hollow, dude will eat Hollows lunch!!!

        • Nevathat

          No doubt bruh I just thought maybe I could have been wrong so I checked into what you said is all. Thing is I get turned off by these industry battles cuz it feels like they just doing it for the attention. Whereas these early leagues like Lionz-den, Smack Url, and Grindtime put in all the work to make this sport what it is today and thats why I got respect for these cats.

          As far as where battle rap came from, I know a lot of old school cats battled on record but battling back then was more about pride, skills, and repping your boro. The industry battles of today seem like publicity stunts and thats why I don’t follow it. But yeah if Joe got skills then he should step in that ring and represent.

          And i’m pretty sure catz was battling on the streets before they started battling on record.

        • Leekluv216

          I agree with you fam, Battle Rap culture is for the love, and sport of it. Industry beefs/battling seem rehearsed and all to be relevant. It will be interesting to see both worlds collide, like I said Joe is that dude when it comes to battling that nicca ate Hov lunch years ago. But Hollow may have the upper hand because Joe WHOLE life has been in the limelight and he’s very vulnerable.

  • Florida Boy

    i like this right here

  • whatup

    A reality show for battle rap…..sad day for battle rap….

  • WitIgnoranceCombineImCaptNigga

    bout fucking time they changed the comment section

    • barondebxl

      Yeah that shit was trash!

  • gmoney

    Better comments section. Unavailable. My location wtf hurtin


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