URL ends the year out rite in usual fashion!! December 14th, NYC, Saunders Movie Studios 521 Waverley Avenue Brooklyn!! Catch  Tsu Surf vs Charlie Clips, JC vs Tay Roc, Ill Will vs B-Magic K-Shine vs Yung ILL & more. For tickets hit up Be sure to hit up @URLTV on Twitter!!!


  • Gee

    This event should lead to three classic has the right amount of battles so the fans won’t be bored after a hour or so

    JC vs Tay Roc – JC nice puttin them words and bars together but i think roc Gon get em.. Every battle roc come bak crazier than before

    ill vs Shine – I don’t kno if ill bac to Icepac and I cud care less about shine but this battle shud be okay

    Ill will vs B (Muthafuccin) Magic – they both gonna win,Will with that street agressive old battling style and magic with wordplay,in between bars and punchlines ..Cerfitied classic

    Surf vs Clips – Internet wise it’s a classic.. LYRICALLY,BAR 4 BAR shit won’t be close..Surf Gon fucc em up but clips got a CULT FOLLOWING on the Internet so he never lose to y’all faggots ..BAR FOR BAR

    • Slow Agg

      don’t sleep on clips but yeah surf gon do him dirty… instant classic.

    • Tookey

      JC vs Tay RocK – JC got it, tay rock is nice but since your talking bar for bar jc is more creative, while rock say shit that’s light or makes no sense or forced but it sounds good because of his aggression. Im still on some of his lines from the ill battle that wing (swing) the drumstick, calender (ar) Harley scrap etc

      ill vs shine– ill no debating, i just cant wait for my nigga to get some better names

      ill will vs B magic — agreed word for word, 2 niggas in my top 5, going to be epic

      surf vs clips — im not a dick rider, but don’t sleep on clips. Debatable battle, but im leaning towards clips.

    • dasher

      lmaooo @ so he never lose to yall faggots

    • Jamal

      who has surf ever beaten 3-0? lol its like you want clips to lose every battle..but he some how comes out winning every me the only debatable battle he was ever in was Big T and Magic..I think he clearly won every other one..So this one will be no will be debatable…clips has no clear losses on cam..however surf has a clear lost vs Big T and 3-0 lmaoooooooooo guy has never 3-0 ed anyone

      • Gee

        like i stated LINE FOR LINE BAR FOR BAR SURF ultimately will kill clips..its about who’s a betta Rapper..Not who’s funny or more crowd friendly..Clips Just more entertaining too you clowns..half of his battles he won to u homos on the entertaining cut it out..clips LYRICALLY ASS

        Surf beat DNA lyrically 2-1 ..JUs cuz a nigga bars is more comprehendible doesnt mean they dope and dna suffers from that..Big T had dumb down down lines versus surf..other than the foreign bar and the damon wayne family cast he didn’t say shit

        “Im not gon play with this pussy..vibrator”
        “Now the nba aint the only one with the Loccout”
        “i went to this nigga mommas house like i need help with my HW cuz I’m tryna figure these problems out”
        all Light and corny shit,if nuborn said Big t rounds niggaz wudda been like he got killed..battle rap a popularity contest

        • url judge

          Your right battle rap is a popularity contest and you CLEARLY are a HUGE surf fan. There is no possible way that surf beat big t or dna. Im not gonna argue about his upcoming battle with clips because clips doesn’t impress me either but c’mon G. Saying that surf beat big t and dna is like saying calico beat lux

        • Ty Jones

          If the lux and calico battle was in another state does he win ?

      • url judge

        I agree with the surf part. But to me clips lost to big t, magic, jc, and jones. I’ve never been impressed by him. I always feel like i know what he is going to say 2 bars before he says it

      • Ty Jones

        Ok yo ill break it down for y’all when it comes to Clips, see he is like the Cowboys so much talent but will find away to lose, and unless your from Dallas it’s hard to pull for them cause you know their going to fuck it up. Now take everything you just read and replace Cowboys with Clips and Dallas with NY …… Now and you see the big picture?

      • javalin

        You right bout that. I say he lost to x factor to

    • Razor

      Gotta salute Gee on the epic next level dickriding… You Surf fans crack me up LMAOOOO

    • myian barnes

      Bar for Bar? Clips is miles ahead of Surf in the Bar and Scheme department, you wild for that one.

  • Florida Boy

    hell of a line up

  • Spike

    Good card SMACK.. The rest of u Rappers will soon learn a valuable lesson. You can’t make money at home talking about a battle that happen a year and two months ago. In this business fans jump ship fast if u stay quite too long. B Magic make the best of your time under the lights in the Big Apple. Create some lanes while you are out there in NYC…



    • Omega


  • dasher

    There you go smack. keep this shit rockin cuu

  • InTheClouds856

    Oh s**t…now THATS a card

  • Fats

    When clips lose n he gone lose all u New York dickriders accept the loss don’t deny it an say it debatable jus accept the defeat

    • Truth

      Did some NY guy fuck your girl? Calm down. Did you not see JC vs Clips? They boo’d Clips before he even began rapping. Dickriding Midwest.

      • url judge

        You need to clean the wax out of your ears. They boo’d him because his freestyles were trash. As soon as he said some hot shit they cheered him for the rest of the rest of the battle.

  • AyeVerbsPerm

    Might as well have called this card the battle of the fans or something because the Tsu Surf and Charlie Clips dick riding is going to be the real battle.

  • goon 300k

    K shine has bodied big will anymal damn near dna 2-1 lost big t but good try classoc with calixoe bodied goodz u YUNG Jits don’t watch battles yall just started to n think u can identify a metaphor lol gtfoh b magic what 1-5 he lost n forget his rhymes barley got at charlie clipz clipz 7-1 ill will may body magic stat wise tay roc done bodied his last 3 opponets JC Lost to 100 bullets Charlie Clipz n a white boi back to bck yung ill lost to jc new niggaz u can’t change facts just sit back n learn…take the word dick from yall mouths too that’s homo shit B

  • LIKHAZ22

    JC gone kill tay roc, b magic and ill will gone be crazy, k shine and ill gone be good and i cant really comment on the clipse and surf battle this card is crazy

    • Omega

      last nigga jc killed was pooh bear..and he battled 5 times since then and didnt kill shit

      you dumb niggas are gon stop sleeping on tay roc

  • Ace Boon Coon

    Lets be real… Young ill shouldnt even be on this card. Jc vs tay roc going to be ight but is that really a match up we wanna see? Ill will choked his last battle and b magic is damn near in every1’s top 5 so does ill will even deserve to battle b magic? Clips and surf is about the only logical matchup on this card. I mean this card looks good at first glance but it aint fuckin with that uw card

    • Holdupwaitaminute

      Man, shut the fuck up you ungrateful fuck. Who the fuck are you to say Yung Ill doesn’t deserve to be on this card? He’s one of the muthafuckas that laid out the ground work for Smack to be in the position it’s at now. Just because YOU don’t want to see a certain match up doesn’t mean that anybody else does. Go suck Arsenals cock and stop watching Smack fuckboy.

      • Ace Boon Coon

        Are you crying?

      • Ace Boon Coon

        you must be young because them niggas was playing in the sand box when lux, mook, rex, party, millz, was laying shit down for smack. get yo young ass up outta here

    • Tookey

      Lets be real…. Beside the O-red battle, yung ill bin super consistent in the url, he beat surf, dna, rich dollas, JC, calico, jesse jame (not saying much tho), Rexx according to the polls. A supposed classic with conceited, SMACK NEED’S TO DROP THAT SHIT. yung ill is worthy of any cards in my book.

      And ill will choke recovered and had a classic, this dude is nice, I personally gave it to ill will in that tay tay battle. If you think he’s not a problem you need to re watch his matches bro.

      • Ace Boon Coon

        you just cant come from the pg’s to battling b magic. lets be real my nigga. that shit aint right. smack just dont wanna pay niggas thats all. as far as the ill situation look at qleen. he was hot at one point and start fuckin up… look at his ass now. nigga aint been on a card in a minute. thats who young ill should be battling. not saying they on the same level lyrically but shit they both fucked up events so let them battle to stay lmao….

        • Tookey

          he came from the pg and proved himself at sm3, having the best battle of the night. Personally, these pg battles are better than a lot of the top tier plus im tired of the same cards with hitman, dna, rex, etc ill will bin putting in work and we need more top tier niggas to battle pg people that’s how they become top niggas john john wasn’t john john until he battle hitman but you could argue for the same reason he never deserve to be on that card, even though it was a classic.

          but with ill i understand what your saying, he’s still in my top 5 so i might be a lil bias but im sure it’s still gonna be a good match.

        • Ace Boon Coon

          I guess its easy to win you over… The only reason ill will was in sm3 is because smack wasnt trying to give the top tier battle rappers what they were worth for that type of event… Ill will only got like 2 url battles and he jumped all the way up to battling b magic in 3 battles smh that shit aint crazy to you? Yah niggas crazy.

        • url judge

          Yo why are u hating on another mans success? Why does it matter to you how many battles it took to get to B magic? And lets not act like B magic isn’t 1 dimensional anyway

        • Ace Boon Coon

          Mike tyson was one dimensional but that nigga was a beast. So you calling b magic one dimensional is irrelevant. And im not hating its just that some people work hard to earn their spot and some1 should have to put in the same about of work to get it.

        • url judge

          Its not irrelevant because this isn’t boxing. I like B magic too, im just saying, lets not act like he’s the top nigga or something. I actually think its a good matchup

        • Ace Boon Coon

          Shit as or right now b magic on top of damn near every1’s list…. Right now b magic is the nigga to beat. What are you talking about. If you beat b magic convincingly you automatically jump up the rankings but what does beating ill will do for b magic. Ill will just came off a L. Ill will does nothing for b magic. B magic should be battling rex, himan, surf, big t… Proven dudes. Ill will aint prove shit. 3 url battles and just took a L.

    • myian barnes

      You are right on 90% of your points, Icepack was that dude, but now he’s shellshocked. JC and That’s Light could be dope but, meh, Roc should be getting bigger names now(I will come back to that)….Clips and Surf is a dope matchup, no question. I gotta disagree on the ILL WiLL vs B Magic joint though….Will has a presence and a wit that enables him to compete with anyone, similar to Hoffa. That being said, how does Roc beat Will and go to JC(who is one of my favs but not upper echelon) and Will goes to Magic, who is top 5 easy. #StrangeFruit

      • Ace Boon Coon

        Lol hoffa is trash my nigga ctfu… I cant believe u even mentioned him in the same breath as b magic. My only problem with ill will battling b magic is that i feel like he didnt earn it. He only have 3 url battles. He gotta put more work in then that my nigga. B magic should be battling somebody like big kannon, surf, big t, o red, hitman, rex etc… Not no damn ill will lol. This is a business and that would be a step back for b magic.

  • Terrance Cummings

    YO YOOOOO NICE ASS CARD. I hope everyone bring they A game and give us what we want, BARSSSSSSS.
    JC VS TAY ROC, JC is creative but Tay Roc got that stage presence if he doesn’t sleep on JC he will win cause JC gonna give him a run for his money.

    B Magic and Ill Will is Rhetorical.

    K-Shine vs YUNG ILL Rhetorical unless K-Shine bring some heat and even then Yung Ill is gonna be a problem.

    Charlie Clips and TSU SURF, AYO, CLASSIC. I favor Charlie Clips but TSU is a problem and will come with the heat so imma say TSU IF Charlie Clips sleep and don’t get his shyt off!!!

    Yeah and the battle is BROOKLYNNNNNNN!!!!!! STAND THE FUCK UP!!!!!


  • You already know

    This card is crazy definitely nothin bt classics bt that surf & clips battle gone be crazy great card smack #jersey

  • BossDogg

    yo wtf happened to the Reed vs JJ battle

  • ohgod

    Bet you they will keep us waiting till January to release the first battle, SMH.

    • url judge

      I say febuary at least smh.

  • Blaze219x


  • Truth

    Zzzz. Boring card.

  • niyon

    This card is CRAZY!!!! the only toss up to being a classic is Shine vs Ill because they both slip up and under perform at times but is they bring there A game then this card will be the best card of the yr which I think it is regardless…JC with his delivery against Rocks aggression and J will not take Rock light because of what Rock been doing lately but i think JC hes do to come with some shit JC 2-1 Shine vs Ill I cant call Magic always comes with hot ish one of the most consistent cats battling and I think Ill will has ish to prove after his last battle with rock I cant call this one either and then Surf vs Clips…Surf will 3-0 clips and clips will come with some ish but Surf just 3-o’d Hollow i dont cee Clips stopping him

  • Asifgun

    im from NY and no i aint no crip. i know for a fact SURF gonna catch ano body. Nothing clips do will save him from this asswhoopin.

    • Omega

      feelin the same way

  • don

    Yooo can anyone please tell me how old you have to be to attend this event?

    • Omega


  • 1-877-929-7168

    car insurance included


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