• ohgod

    Someone PLEASE stop Beasley doing the voice overs.Sounds so corny

    • Jarell Melendez

      Lmao it sound like that was one of his child hood dreams just to do voice overs

  • nigga

    lmfao why smack trying to drop battles on the same day as KOTD ?? bitch nigga shit

    • Dash

      stop hatin you bitch ass nigga. you one of them willie lynch niggaz i can tell.

  • Gee

    Calicoe vs Rex and ill will vs tay roc belonged in a one off setting ..those two battles remind me of the old smacc era..street barz and aggression
    Hope the gay ass crowd aint dicc ride and fucc up the battle

    “And wen that Mac spread it’s Gon hit bac,head, and I’m shooting at the ground…jus in case he try to lay down and act dead” argggh

  • brandon davis

    calico biting stack bundles now????????? r.i.p.

  • Macmar415

    I got cal 2-1 ez! That line rex has was aight but nothing new we haven’t heard b4.

  • trey

    can somebody please tell me who the beautiful woman is behind Smack clapping for Rex?

    • A.j. Johnson

      my bitch lol

      • trey

        Lmao stop the bullshit my dude…

        • A.j. Johnson

          naw 4real but u can have her doe lol

        • trey

          Lol appreciate that my nigga…

  • seanyoung3

    Smack battles are weak!KOTD run things now!

    • Murdock

      What time the battle drop?


  • Aubrey OVO

    fuck every Don Demarco & air horn on smack. Kotd doesn’t do that lame shit.

    • A.j. Johnson

      i know u gotta be joke’n cuzz… how can u say something like that & be serious thats like u dissing the NFL & you saying that Arena Football is better i cant help but laugh @ some of u cats comments

    • fyl

      nah man i need the don demarco cuz how else am i gna know if a bar is hot???

  • Simon

    Smack just need to take a break from battle rap for a few. Its starting to look corny now. And plus these battle rappers that would be working at the neighborhood grocery store acting all Hollywood when in reality If it wasn’t for Smack making this a business you niggas would be battling for free.

  • CaliboyDC

    cant wait for this battle…u already kno u getting nothing but street lines and grown man bars the whole battle

  • NorbesIsFat

    I think the voice overs would be a lot cooler if niggas didn’t know it was Beasley doing them.


    Where the fuck is the battle fam???!

  • Brooklyngirl718

    These niggas getting to Hollywood real talk taking months to drop one battle thus shan’t out of control smack is going too far with his shit he yes to drop a dvd every week (facts) nigga getting some money and now don’t no how to act smfh STOP IT SLIME

  • Brooklyngirl718

    Excuse my errors but I’m aggy rite now

  • Brooklyngirl718

    Now how fucking long we gotta wait today 11:59pm????????

    • jake da snake

      Lmao, ikr, smack need to give a time or some shit, im checking my damn computer every hour on the hour looking for the battle to upload. I cant complain,I rather have to wait all day for the battle to drop instead of waiting for smack to hold and release the battles for another 6-10 months later

  • Leon Hall


  • green

    i thought it would be here by now

  • tsunamigamg

    why the battle aint posted yet

  • uMad
  • james white

    yo when is this battle coming out man taking mad long

  • Major

    you know he wont drop it until 10 11pm. Yall say the same ish every battle knowing he will not drop it until late. It keeps you on your toes. Oh yeah, plz stop talking that kotd ish. Why r u on this site? Spread love is the Brooklyn way!

  • Marlin A Conwell


  • Pab

    Drop…. the ….fucken ….battle…!!!!!!

  • Brooklyngirl718

    This nigga smack smfh like really over doing it

  • Brooklyngirl718

    I be ready to straight smack SMACK lol

  • TyannaG

    t-rex is the man


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