It’s been a while since SS dropped a battle, check out Tre Poundz VS Dubby Dub. @STEETSTATUSDVD


  • God Aweful

    What happened to Dubby Dub. He used to be funny as hell and have dope bars mixed in. He didn’t even go crazy until the last round. What is with this trend of doing “Remember when I said…”? And doesn’t he realize it makes him look bad that none of the bars he spit in first two rounds were on the level of his throw back bars. Tre Pound is really iffy with his bars in every battle. He’ll say some shit that’s been said before one second, then say some thing wack the next and then land on a crazy bar out of nowhere. I gave it to Tre 2-1.

  • Spike

    A VERY GOOD BATTLE BY BOTH….Tre has improved a lot. You came back strong Bro. I can watch this over and over.The aggression and word play kept me entertained. HE’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpiT

    tre got dis….2-1 for some but i say 3-0….dub look like dat nigga outside the liquor store annoying niggas for change…. ya’ll check luxx behind tre.?? probably taking lesson on how da really spit barz…. not probation officer bullshit..

  • Weedy Da Great

    2-1 Dub, very debatable. He broke Tre down 2nd and the 3rd.. Tre’s 1st round was awesome!!! 2nd and 3rd were lite. How many times can you shoot a nigga in a round?

  • myian barnes

    “It’s like youn goal tending nigga/Cuz yo block don’t count” hahaha!!! that was cold.

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

    Tre reminds me of christmas time. in a good way


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