Trice feat. Bonnie Godiva – Ain’t done yet

This is hot!! The ladies lead by example and pull together a hot track knocking off the stigma battle Mc’s can’t make Tracks. Shout out to the ladies, make sure you show support and buy the single available now on itunes


  • Quincy Gatorboy Wheeler

    My girls doing big things!!! Salute #unbiasfam

  • Whatyofeetsmelllike

    Bonnie fuckin trash.

  • FaceDrama

    Fuck all that other bullshit ya’ll talking and listening to! Check out the illest M.C. by the name of “Boom P.” out of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. He got a joint on URL call “Goin Hammer” that is the sickest track on this web site hands down! You be the judge so check it out & holla back. M.G.B. StreetMusic…. Roll wit us on get Rolled over ya’dig.


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    We all know they all helping him write.. but Nun of them niggas can fuck wit me so fuck it!
    Bahahaha great show overall great look for the city
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    RT @InCred_Dashie: @TheRealTayRoc Yooo Roc!!! That starting 5 in vintage mode is🔥🔥🔥 STRAIGHT UP!
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