Tsu Surf – Battle Rap Record?

What is Tsu Surf Battle Rap Record? Weigh in, Leave comments and let us all know what you think Tsu Surfs official battle rap record is…



  • Hassan

    Con vs Surf he clearly lacked

  • CR

    Tsu Surf 3-0d Hollow??? whats wrong with him!..it was a CLASSIC i got hollow 2-1

    • rabXO

      what 2 rounds did Hollow win? nah def Surf 3-0 or 2-1

      • CR

        the 2nd, which is the only debatable round & 3rd

  • ThatGuy

    If Bizarre says he couldnt pick a winner Big T vs Surf u really think he got 3-0d?.. I would call that a tie if anything

    • North

      Big T beat Surf, almost obviously. But clearly enough.

      • Star anderson

        u buggin big t lost inliving color barr wasnt enough

        • url judge

          Big t 3-0ed surf

        • Unspoken Truth

          big t had good shit but he recycled a lot of shit and hes a habitual bar recycler hes gotta looked at for that

  • Eskino

    Na I agreed with everything except to things I can tolerate someone going either way with ill and surf niggas both went in but Idgaf what no one says surf beat conceited not a body but surf didn’t spit short rounds conceited just went on forever so I got surf on that one his one clear loss was dna no debating real shit

    • ThatGuy

      real talk

    • Iam_NARD

      Surf neva lost to me Surf is undefeated in my book

      • Gods-Demon81

        u sound bias

      • sityoassdownbro


    • God Aweful

      That’s Nash…

  • KING

    con vs surf got that the CHURCH bar the lakers scheme and the 40 i dont i have to chase her after the shots was haymakers enough to win the battle con had one haymaker the muslim line the rest was just jabs

    • Gods-Demon81

      dr. scholl bar glory hole catch the steal like a surveillance camera all haymakers

  • RichDolarzStankyYankee

    All surf does is steal niggas bars ands their styles.

  • TheD

    Man this video is fukkin retarded.. How can you say surf lost ah battle, when his whole URL career he ain’t did shit but moved up no bakk tracking.. How ill or DNA beat him and them bums still battling proving ground niggas????? He jus battle 1 of the best dudes that touched the URL stage.. And WON

    • url judge

      Nigga stop it. Surf lost to con, dna, ill, big t, hollow, k shine. Surf is trash

  • nigga

    surf did not beat hollow. weak gassed up 1-2 punchlines don’t beat heavy hay makers

    • North

      Hollow said he was chickenpox and if you “touch” him, “you gon get it.”…….

  • 313kev

    We had to say this is your opinion not ours lol

    • OTB_Sos

      Y’all krazy. I got surf and I’ll classic. Go eaither way. I gave it to surf by a lil. He lost to DNA. But did xfactor nd k shine bad. Everyone talks about Kishinev 1st round. Yea dat shit was krazy but y’all act like surf first wasn’t krazy also. I got surf beating con 2-1. Surf hit con with to many haymakers. Then I gave surf the 3-0 against hollow of the simple fact that the bars was to much to handle. Against someone else hollow would have won. But it was a classic.

  • myian barnes

    Keep these blogs, coming, very interesting she,,,,I don’t agree on the Hollow battle, the 3rd rd was clearly Hollow’s, the second was close but that Ginsu scheme was too dope not to edge it to him. Tsu clearly wo the first though. I saw the other battles exactly the same way though….props CJ

  • Jnyce415

    I dont care what surf record is hes the best nigga battle rapping except for loaded lux period and hes only clear loss was dna the big t and hollow battles are debatable which is how a classic is suppose to be and if he battles mook next he will kill dat boy unless mook get back on hes old shit

  • Star anderson

    he did beat big t just comming out of jail he had back to back barrs sorry man he beat big t i thought big t won at first but tsu surf got him on that

  • gucci

    of cpourse he deserve murda mook . murda got paid 20k and didnt deliver.

  • pimpin slimm

    Dats ur opinion I got surf beatin con everything else I feel u on n I think he can beat mook especially after dat WACK ass performance in his last battle

  • Razor

    These Surf fans hop on their knees instinctively anytime they hear some shit that even rhymes with Surf….. Any nondickrider can see that majority of what he said is valid and Surf does LOSE alot… Ill, DNA, Big T were pretty undeniable loses even the Con battle was an L in a majority of people’s eyes also… I’ll give him the same credit though he does come with bars every battle unlike Math Hoffa or Hitman or any other one of these niggas that fuck off battles

    Only thing that was clear bullshit is you saying he 3-0’ed Hollow… Hell even Joe Budden gave Hollow the 2nd you need to stop saying that shit it’s so false it discredits your opinion as a whole…

    • Gods-Demon81


  • Magicred21

    YUNG ILL VS TSU SURF I see it as a DRAW round 1 ILL round 2 SURF. Or vice versa can go either way REALLY but the 3rd surf stopped early and yung ill bars didn’t hit at all.

  • Magicred21

    To keep it 100 BIG T recycled so much shit he was acting like nobody saw his hitman or hollow battle “remember I’m the one that said this”

    • UjustS

      Hell yea he did and I really can’t be mad at him b/c he not the only one to recycle it’s just that he had all that time off before that battle I was expecting more original bars from him…he still had a helluva performance regardless.

  • NasEminem

    vs Hollow Da Don
    1st Round-Surf(CLEARLY) “If this mac hit his hat, he’ll have enough cap room to sign anybody.”
    2nd round-Hollow(Very Debatable, but Hollow edges due to personals) “Hoping it gets better playing chris webber tryna forget about that time-out in michigan”
    3rd Round-Hollow(CLEARLY) “Thats how he got his name…he be couch surfin’..that nigga be balled up on the love seat..*cracks back..his bones hurting…….Roasting session.” *crowd screams “yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
    Hollow 2-1,

  • sargon

    tsu lost to ill, some times i dont understand peoples options, but surf beat con with out a doubt and he beat hollow.

  • sargon

    thank you for saying that k shine verse was not one of the best rounds, THANK YOU!!!! it was just good nothing to jump out the window about.

  • Unspoken Truth

    I don’t know what bars dis nigga listening to but dis nigga trippin theres no way u can say surf lost to con and beat hollow 3-0… I got surf over ill but I respect if u choose ill him an dna debateable big t was debateable he beat con an hollow im glad hes skipping hitman that would be a body and he is gonna kill mook and then rex gonna wanna battle

  • Bigkobefan824

    Surf: vs Ill Debatable but Surf 2-1 , vs Dna Clearly Surf won 2-1 if not 3-0 , vs K Shine Debatable but Surf 2-1 , X factor Surf caught a BODY 3-0 , vs Brixx CLEARLY a BODY lol , vs Big T debatable but Big T 2-1 , vs Concieted 2-1 Surf , vs Hollow CLEARLY a body SURF 3-0

    Big Surf fan but not bias I think he got alot of debatables but mostly classics and only lost to Big T

    My opinion…

    • UjustS

      I agree B…I rock with Surf heavy as well…all his battles if not majority of em are classics in my book and all of em are debatable except the Brixx fiasco and I think Brixx is dope wit it but man he got hit up in that one…I edged him against Big T..BUT..that battle is debatable as hell I can’t be mad if anybody went with T…I think Ill and DNA both got him tho no body or clear win type shit in either of those battles I just feel they were better on those nights respectively.

    • Danny

      You’re more than biased you’re a blatant dickrider, ur opinion is not valid.

    • Z 315

      Your opinion is bullshit….that was the biggest amount of dickriding i’ve ever read in my life…Clearly won against DNA and Hollow??? Whatever drug your on must not have been discovered yet…he CLEARLY lost to Yung ill, DNA, and Big T…Hollow is a LOSS he was nowhere near as creative as Hollow not even close….Conceited also a debatable loss…i give him X Factor but also debatable…only clear win is Brixx Lmao i don’t understand you

      • Z 315

        oh and K Shine debatable too….one clear win??? haha wow

  • Florida Boy

    Surf puts on good shows every battle no denying that but he clearky lost to DNA, ill, and Big T in my book. The Hollow, Con, X Factor are debatable just depends on what u like. U Surf nut huggers need to understand that him losing doesnt make him garbage…..its modern day battle rap u can survive with Ls if u fight back in the ring, if u havent noticed Smack will still book u as long as u dont go out like Deacon Frost

  • Frankly

    Surf a beast… No matter what battle it is he gives his all. Surf vs Verb next URL event and 2014 Surf vs Mook Smack set it up. You had you’re chance to be Hollywood now come back to the gutter.

  • tycarterbk

    lol are you getting paid to do this? my G grow the fuck up get off the couch and do something else with your life than to talk 12 min about battle rap. i couldnt stand 30 seconds

  • sityoassdownbro

    FUCK IS THIS FREE NIGGA TALKING ABOUT he beat ill 2-1. beat dna 2-1, beat x factor 2-1, beat kshine 2-1, loss to big t 2-1, beat conceited 2-1, beat hollow 2-1………… HE LOST 1 BATTLE PERIOD…..

  • phazon charles

    Tsu surf will never body anyone but he will put on a show and make classics he will always be relevant on a card


    tsu surf beat conceited

  • Shea

    Tsu killed Big T, I can’t quote 1 line from Con but I def remember those hay makers Tsu was throwing at him. The ill battle all I remember was ” knock the baby out the play pen” lol lol lol. Tsu surf top 3 on everybody list!!!!

  • NasEminem

    vs Hollow Da Don
    1st Round-Surf(CLEARLY) “If this mac hit his hat, he’ll have enough cap room to sign anybody.”
    2nd round-Hollow(Very Debatable, but Hollow edges due to personals) “Hoping it gets better playing chris webber tryna forget about that time-out in michigan”
    3rd Round-Hollow(CLEARLY) “Thats how he got his name…he be couch surfin’..that nigga be balled up on the love seat..*cracks back..his bones hurting…….Roasting session.” *crowd screams “yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
    Hollow 2-1,

  • Gooden.

    Respect to you. Surf cool. He is never boring and that’s all I ask from battle rappers. I could care less if he loss as long as I know he going bring it.

  • Wonder’s Photographyy

    Ima watch these battles now

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ

    watch that DNA battle again bro, surf had bars. DNA said” i’m hot like a fan, and y’all niggaz like that shit, surf beat DNA. i’m not a fan, I deal with facts.

  • Realshit

    Surf beat hollow 2-1 easy

  • Tookey

    could you do yung ill. the only battles i think he lost of the top of my head was hollow da don and o red. he killed t rex (debatable), dna, rich dollaz, calicoe, hitman holla, jc, jesse (i think that was his name), tsu surf,…

  • KingReese

    Sounded like a man crush in the beginning.

  • newera65

    surf didn’t lose to con

  • a-rab2659

    Leave a message…i got 4-4 too but i take hollow 2-1 over surf and 2-1 surf over con…… surf against hollow he was all over the place with his round hollow was paint picture…. surf vs con surf bars was too hard for con pause

  • nanachacha

    Surf clear losses: DNA & Conceited

    Debatables: Hollow & Big T, Yung Ill

    Beat everybody else in my book

  • rabXO

    You lost me when you said conceited beat him…i was like nah Big T didn’t win but then you said Con beat him? Con was extremely corny in that battle, all those punchlines? shit was trash…Surf said UR in the middle of that ch ch…c’mon

  • FAMP

    Good look fam.. I do think Hollow edged their battle 2-1, but good blog.. Crazy thing is I think Mook is going to be a clear victory for Tsu …..I am also a fan of the hungry battlers.. I say this because this battle’s is probably going to do a MIL simply from Tsu’s fans alone.. Let a more deserving battler build his resume against him with those views… For EXAMPLE: I still wanna see Swave body one of these niggaz still…. I think a nigga like Swave would kill Mook too.. yeah i said it !!! Matter of fact CJ I know half the reason you doing the records thing, is stop some of the ducking shit.. Do a battle record for my nigga SWAVE SEVAH.. Then lets see how RESUME’s compare..


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