• Andre Harris

    Tay Rock hasn’t lost since Charlie Clips.

    • J Blangz

      dam i thought i was the only one who felt he stole 2 rounds from magic……but i always kept it to myself lol

      • Ace Boon Coon

        Yah buggin magic beat him…

        • AdamsFam71

          No Homie Your buggin…Magic Took an L From Tay rock Deal with it Cuz!

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      His Magic battle and his Cortez battle are debatable but yea he has no ‘clear’ losses since Clips.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      Oh yea he has lost…Kshine tore that ass up. Pause.

    • Nolies357

      I Have Never Seen a Nigga Get Bodied Like How Cortez Got Bodied.. (Desperado With The guitar case)

  • That Nigga Meteor Man

    smack better put some contract clause in which they hold the reservations for other battles to come or something…before these other leagues snatch potential battles like this up quick

  • Ace Boon Coon

    Does tay roc actually deserve to battle surf… I mean its levels to this shit. People might say that is some diva shit but people work hard to get to the level of respect they are at. So to let some1 that is not on his level battle him is doing tay roc a favor. Why should they be doing favors for roc. You gotta earn your spot just like every1 else….



    • Nolies357

      Roc Got More battles And Wins Than Surf…

      • Ace Boon Coon

        Its quality over quantity… Because both of the have more battles then loaded lux but are they on his level? Hell no

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/mikeskills Mikeskills

    Tay Roc been puttin in work for YEARS and he still he got that hunger so he deserves anybody in my book.

    • Nolies357


  • niyon

    AS we know battle rappers grow from Surf when he battled Big T to Surf now he is much better now same thing for Rock but I dont think Rock would beat JC now he beat him way back when they battled but I dont think he would now and Surf would 3-0 Rock not due to Roc not coming with some shit but just because Surf is better than he is

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    That nigga Big’ems the hardest working hype man in the history of show business. Tayroc need to put em on contract.

  • derbz

    hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best two url battle rappers…this will be one of the best battles smack ever put out… I’m talking back to party arty, murda mook, jae millz, un casa days … before loaded lux bum ass wanted 500k for a battle lol… tru smack fan and this might be the best battle he could put out… tay roc has came a long way since charlie clips bodied him…n personally hell body charlie now… i don’t think charlie has won a battle hands down since x factor… n surf helped smack get from wherever y’all was shooting them battle before to webster hall so this deff needs to be set up…2,000,000 views in two weeks thats a guarantee

  • dboy3

    Niggas act like roc anit a problem he shook them 4 shoots clips gave him been on his shit since as a fan smack set this up

  • J Blangz

    “He said ill kill Big T”……damn …..2 top PG bodybags from the same city and now he think he top tier…..dam we gassed him lol Smack give him Goodz and see how he handle that cuz Goodz is middle tier…..

  • Isaiah

    Tay Roc vs Charlie Clips REMATCH SMACCCK IT ONLY RIGHT

  • Asifgunz

    rock must be on rocks thinking he cud beat surf. Nigga please, you cant even handle arsonal or O Red, how u gonna touch surf. Talkin crazy, look how loud he is and Surf is laid backk

    • Nolies357

      Surf Just Got 3’0d lol

  • tycarterbk

    Ill will killed him

  • Urlfan

    Rock lost to suge lool choked in the 2nd and lost the 1st

  • Guest

    Roc Got More battles And Wins Than Surf… Matter Fact Roc Has The Best Resume…More Worthy Opponents, Constant dope performances, More Time In It, More Experienced and well rounded …His Crowd Reactions Be Crazy In Every battle…. I Fks With Tay Roc Heavy.. His Only Loss Was Clips And Magic… I Say That Because there Has to Be A Winner… No One Ever Killed Him.. He Never Clearly lost A Battle..

    • Guest


    • Keith

      Tay Roc ONLY lost was to Clips and K-Shine… He beat Magic.. And I’m a Tay-Roc and Magic Fan…..


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