Ty Law, Prez Mafia, & Mr Wavy: We’ll Cook Top Tiers

Rising talents out of the newest Proving Grounds (PG) class, Ty Law, Prez Mafia, and Mr. Wavy, all stopped by our VladTV office for an exclusive interview with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes to discuss the competitiveness between PG battlers and self/fan-proclaimed “Top Tiers.”  They all are confident that bar-for-bar they can defeat any of the battlers with the top names in the game, and feel as though many of them just duck battles these days, rather than really defend their spot among the elite.

They also addressed Cortez’s comments that he made in a previous interview with Hughes regarding the PG’s.  According to Ty, Wavy, and Prez, the PG battlers have enough talent and competitors to build up their own brands by simply battling one another, rather than chase battles with the big named opponents in order to get their shine.

Do you think PG battlers can closely contend with the Top Tiers?




  • Tookey

    In terms of pg niggas who could beat top tier niggas: 1. Danny Myers 2. Ty Law 3. Mr. Wavy 4. Ah di boom 5. I really like sno
    not completely sold on prez mafia yet but sure im going to fuck with him more after smack drop that mr wavy vs prez mafia battle

    • Kevin

      When the fuck did you start watching battle rap last week? Go sit your ass down somewhere asswipe, you sound retarded. simpletons like you are the reason these clowns are doing stupid cocky ass interviews like this in the first place. Have some respect for the culture because you are showing none right now. What’s wrong with these guys having to work to get there names out there, all the top tiers that’s out today didn’t get no shots from the top tiers that were before them, they worked jackass, and so should these fools.

      • Tookey

        first i don’t see the correlation between my comment and this interview second how am i disrespecting the culture by judging someone based on their talent and not based on their so called top-tier status. I never said that they did not have to work for it and if you listened to the fucking interview you would realize that they said they don’t need the top tiers they could build their own brand. I bet b.magic is one of your favs but at sm3 he was giving an opportunity to battle clipse even though he was a pg nigga same with jc and yung ill, same with chilla and dna, and thats what these guys are asking for. plus top tiers had to work for it clips killed roc than was on summer madness, yung ill got hitman, calicoe, surf out the gate and theirs many more like that. Battle rap is about competition avoiding someone based on he’s new so its not good if i lose or this match isn’t getting views, while a nigga like danny myers who is the most humble nigga probably in battle rap will kill anyone he’s not scared whose really killing the culture

  • HereswhatIsuggest

    Ok here’s a proposal. Start judging battles! That’s why this shit loses credibility. Top tier battlers have way more to lose, than a PG battle rapper. If they win, its “Yo he was suppose to cook the PG battler. If they lose their stock drops. So make it to where if the PG battler loses, he cant battle for a certain amount of time in URL. Maybe 6 months. If a PG battler wins, they get an cash incentive, and an automatic slot on a Big Card. All this debatable shit is played out, if you’re trying to make it a sport. Now if its for the original purpose Smack had, which was shed light on your music, and get people to notice you as an artist, keep it the way it is. The problem is majority of these niggas don’t make music!

  • ferb420

    All this tier shit is ass. Just battle. If I was a battle rapper I would come to an event with a just battle shirt on with a nike check under that bitch.

  • i mean shit

    real shit yall niggaz shouldnt be trippin on what fuckin cortez got to say…top tier niggaz aka these old niggaz is on they last leg and cortez aint no elite nigga anyway….build yall own shit up and watch these old niggaz start lookin up to yall….alot of niggaz said lebron wasnt ready for the legue but now they dick ridin…build yall brand cause we rootin for yall

  • GED

    These pg dudes aren’t ready because if they were they would be on the main stage by now, look at Ill Will he went from johhnie alcatraz to tay roc because he went out there and proved he was ready he didnt talk about it he made it happen. I respect Wavy for what he said about battling each other to reach the top spots thats exactly what they should do. Out of any of those pg niggas Wavy and Ty Law really have the potential to breakout like Ill Will in my opinion all they have to do is stay killing shit and not worry about tiers

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      “These pg dudes aren’t ready because if they were they would be on the main stage by now, look at Ill Will he went from johhnie alcatraz to tay roc because he went out there and proved he was ready he didnt talk about it he made it happen” Ta
      He got Tay Roc simply because he won UFF…which its questionable if he beat Lotta Zay at the end. But he didn’t do anything these guys didn’t do he just happened to win UFF. UFF is starting back up again and the winner of that will get a shot vs DNA on the next Summer Madness.

  • Streets Buchanon

    Top tier and pg is just a title that battle rappers use to boost and deteriorate egos anyone can get bodied by anyone on in given card . I fucks with Prez and Wavy but cant get into Ty Law his punches are okay but his cadence puts me to sleep

  • Url Stan

    Too be honest out of the 3 none was impressive like the last PGs none of them was consistent…..Magic Jc Chilla JJDD all went on nice runs before there shot Tay rock young Kannon too

  • Canin

    Talk to them “so-called” top tier assholes, thank you

  • Dubb Crain

    Some of the PGs are nice, hands down! But you niggas sound crazy saying the new fans don’t know about the top tier niggas, the views will prove that, numbers don’t lie. Don’t get me wrong though just because a nigga got more views don’t mean they better, i’m not saying that at all. But the new fans know who the top tier niggas is trust me, its the support of these band wagon jumping ass celebrities that’s preying on the culture bringing the new fans in, not the PGs. I mean its coo that the battle rap game is getting more light, but these niggas is tryna take smack credit, cuz regardless how you niggas feel, smack built it to where it is, and now its like all the wrong muhfuckers is getting recognition for it. Or at least that’s how its seeming to me.

  • Robert Spears

    I gotta check on these dudes. They talking big shit lol

  • DollarBills

    Mr. Wavy is nice Ty Law he is hype cuz it’s two niggas in the PGs better than him in my opinion. Danny Myers is king over all these PG niggas! They talking real funnY! Ty Law U R NOT READY! Prez Mafia U R NOT READY! Wavy almost! Danny Myers smack put that dude on a card asap!!

  • Brixxxx

    Whats Funny Is They My “Top Tiers” And Niggas Like K-Shine, Yung Ill And D.N.A. Are My “P.G.’s”

    If A Nigga Say K-Sihne Vs. Yung Ill, T-Rex Vs. Dizaster And Hitman Vs. Conceited Was Better Than Ahdi Boom Vs. Mr Wavy, Ha Double Vs. Anubis And Ty Law Vs. Sno You Know He Hatin!!!

  • Tosmas

    “Brought new fans”? what are they talking about?

    Hitman vs Ars brought new fans in
    Lux vs Cal brought new fans in
    Tsu Surf vs Con brought new fans in

    and all of those battles are classics 2 mill+ viwed each!

    Not One of them got a battle over 200k!
    Also lets stop playing dumb these guys are not in it for the “Sport”!
    They are in it to be on that SM stage and get viewed by Celebrities!

    Where were they when URL was holding free events?
    Also u guys gass these pg’s too much! what have they done besides 1 or 2 good pgs?
    i was at the Born Legacy and Prez Mafia CHOKED!!! So why is he so cocky?’

    i rocks with the pg’s but they have nothing to be cocky about…

  • ARYEliB .

    uhh everybody great in the beginning of their career

  • Sammy Nelms Jr

    To me people need to realize what top tier is… Just because you’ve been around for awhile don’t make you top tier. Sorry cortez After his most recent battles he hasn’t had a great battle in awhile and this is just my opinion. And I still fucks with him but he would lose to all three of these dudes. Him in prez would make a good match tho straight up. Some of my favorite battlers came from the pg’s. URL needs these niggas I look forward to those battles and seeing new talent it keeps the quality of the league in tact when your constantly in search for great battlers. I respect people that’s bout they craft straight up.


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