Ty Law Says Tsu Surf Is Running From Tay Roc

While at the Smack/URL Born Legacy battle event, VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes caught up with rising battler, Ty Law, for an exclusive interview.  Law began by speaking on his own rise and how he paved the way for himself based off of his bars and general battle skills, without having to rely on calling out a big name to get shine.  He believes that the new wave of battlers have been motivating the more veteran battlers to step their game up and become more motivated to put on a show, otherwise the newer faces could certainly outshine them.


  • Anonymous

    Tay roc probably been on a killing streak since b magic took his head off he got better since that weak igloo line lol

  • Adamsinc71

    ROC beat magic….2-1

  • Anonymous

    Yeah u crazy lol

  • kenny b

    Tay roc be killing niggas easy work! my fav right now

  • LouisFIFTH

    Bmagic killed tay roc, Tay roc go hard but it was a clear loss 2-1 but since then he’s been killing it

  • dre

    man tay roc lost to b magic. magic is the best battle rapper of 2013.. keep it hunnit

  • SHG

    thats a fact. Roc been on a killing spree since he lost to magic. boy in a zone

  • Me

    If i new you wanted beef i would have been at chu

    Cath ya moms moms while she picking them granny smith apples

    Then give ya granny the smith how you like them apples

    Rock over magic 2-1
    Rock never lost since clips

  • Me

    Sorry meant rock never lost since shine

  • Anonymous

    That apple line was not fucking with magic Mount Rushmore line

    Better stay in a rock place I’ll rush more(mount Rushmore) just to press a dent (president) in rock face (mount Rushmore has the presidents face lined up smh b muthafucking magic lmao

  • sosa

    Tay roc beatB magic u bias as niggas even understand B magic record is horrible n he wants con he lost to heartless in his home city choked without a choke he lost b magic like 2-7 lol stop overratin this part time overhyped niggas b tay roc lines is ok but the pictures he paints the flow n witty aggression beat magic 1.2.3 got steele arms in the air like rollcoaster ass ginbars B punchlines weak


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